A car hire provider specialising in listings of local and independent car rental operators, has launched in the UK for the very first time. RentMama.com has been introduced in the North East of England as part of a pilot scheme where it has already recruited 30 local vehicle hire companies offering more than 2000 vehicles for hire in total.

RentMamma.com was first introduced in Latvia in 2010 where the model proved very successful with car hire consumers. The website succeeded in attracting 70% of Latvia’s car hire providers to its website, helping to offer customers a wide range of car hire operators all in one place.

While global brands offering consumers the opportunity to compare car hire prices across a wide range of providers are proving very popular with car hire consumers, RentMamma.com believes there is a gap in the market for a comparison site which focuses on local and independent car hire operators in specific areas.

RentMamma.com insist that local providers are often able to offer flexibility in terms of an increased choice of pick up and drop off locations, also more affordable deals and cheaper hire options for younger drivers. As well as offering great benefits to the customer, RentMamma.com believes their website will also provide a boost to local businesses.

The specialist local and independent car hire broker believes it has the capability to revolutionise the UK’s car hire market with its easy to use website offering the pick of the best local car hire deals.

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