Rolls Royce Spectre

Rolls-Royce’s Spectre EV and V12 Phantom: A Peek into Their Innovative Manufacturing Process

Exclusive Insights from the Mastermind Behind Rolls-Royce’s Evolutionary Production Line

Imagine what can be accomplished in just 32 minutes. This is a significant timeframe for the 600 skilled workers at Rolls-Royce’s Goodwood production facility. In this precise interval, known as the ‘takt time’, each of the 42 production stations transforms a part of a Rolls-Royce vehicle, ensuring no delays in delivering these luxury cars, each averaging a price of £440,000.

The production line at Goodwood is a marvel of precision and efficiency. Each station is meticulously timed to 28 minutes of work, with an additional four-minute buffer for any unforeseen challenges. Across two shifts daily, 28 magnificent vehicles roll out, ready for rigorous inspection and eventual dispatch.

While the volume may seem modest compared to giants like Toyota or Nissan, Rolls-Royce’s cars are bespoke masterpieces, tailored to the unique tastes of their owners. These vehicles are less of orders and more of ‘commissions’, each a distinct embodiment of luxury and personality.

Integrating the all-new electric Rolls-Royce Spectre into this well-oiled machine was a significant undertaking. The Spectre marks a departure from the traditional 6.75-litre V12 to an advanced electric powertrain, challenging the traditional production methods at Goodwood.

Greg Denton, the general manager of Rolls-Royce production, has been instrumental in this transition. His experience, dating back to 1992 with various roles at the Mini factory in Oxford, has been pivotal in adapting the Goodwood line for the Spectre. His work in integrating the first-generation Mini Electric at Oxford proved invaluable in ensuring that the Goodwood facility could efficiently handle both electric and internal combustion engine vehicles.

Observing the production line from above, the complexity and harmony of the process are evident. The facility buzzes with activity, with workers skillfully assembling vehicles amidst a backdrop of customised components waiting to be fitted into their respective cars.

Denton highlights the importance of flexibility and just-in-time logistics in seamlessly incorporating the Spectre into the existing production line. The decision to maintain a unified production line for all Rolls-Royce models, including the Spectre, ensures adaptability to fluctuating demands.

The underlying ‘Architecture of Luxury’ framework shared by all Rolls-Royce models aids in this flexible approach. The Spectre, being one of the first customer cars off the line, signifies the culmination of a carefully orchestrated adaptation process, one that required significant changes yet adhered to the brand’s ethos of minimal disruption.

In conclusion, the transition to electric vehicles at Rolls-Royce, exemplified by the Spectre, is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation while maintaining its heritage. It is a delicate balance between embracing the future and honouring a storied past, a balance that Rolls-Royce seems to have masterfully achieved.

Original News Source and Image Credit: AutoCar.


Bristol Ban Diesel Cars From its City Centre

Many cities across the UK and Europe are pledging their support towards various sustainable initiatives, doing their bit to implement better policies and generally create awareness. This is especially the case when it comes to transport, with many councils flying the flag for eco travel alternatives.

The latest city to make efforts to combat climate change is Bristol. According to city officials, they will soon be banning diesel cars from travelling in its city zone; a change that is expected to be introduced as early as 2020.

Wanting to tackle ‘illegal levels of air pollution’, Bristol Council will fine all vehicles within the zone if they are diesel. Taxis and emergency service vehicles will however be except from these fines for obvious reasons.

To enforce this, Bristol will install a number plate recognition system; one similar to the system used in London to manage congestion charges.

Mayor Marvin Rees said that the city had an obligation to improve its air pollution whilst setting an example to neighbouring towns and cities.

Mr Rees told the council: “We have a moral, we have an ecological and we have a legal duty to clean up the air we breathe.”

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Top Reasons to Drive Yourself to your Wedding

Where it is tradition to be chauffeur-driven by a suited and booted driver on your wedding day, we are seeing a huge spike in the number of brides and grooms deciding to take to the wheel themselves.

Below, we look at a few reasons as to why.

Tear up the rule book

If you are a bride or groom-to-be that really wants to tear up the rule book with your wedding, doing something unconventional will have a great impact. So, if you are thinking of doing something slightly out there and rebellious, hiring a lavish car like a supercar to travel to the church in may be a option.

Be in charge of your itinerary

The whole saga of planning a wedding can feel rather overwhelming, with brides quickly becoming overwhelmed and in some cases, out of control.

By driving yourself to and from your wedding, you effectively take some of that control back, dictating how and when you arrive to YOUR big day.

Picture-perfect movements

Most wedding albums will feature that iconic picture of the bride’s arrival, with photographers eager to get a snap of the bridal car making its grand entrance.

So, if you want to make this image even more incredible, driving yourself to your wedding in a flash vehicle is advisable.

The best self-drive wedding cars to hire

If you are looking to make a big impression on your wedding day, driving yourself in any of the below vehicles will do the trick:

  • Range Rover Sport
  • Range Rover Evoque
  • Audi R8
  • Audi Q7
  • Mercedes S Class
  • Rolls Royce Phantom
  • Porsche Cayenne

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Free Quotes for Limo Hire

At Cars for Stars, our aim is to support our customers in finding the best luxury car hire deals in the UK, saving customers time and money whilst connecting them with the cars of their dreams.

While best known for arranging wedding car hire, prom car hire and corporate car hire, we are also a great force to be reckoned with when it comes to sourcing limo hire deals.

Popular occasions for limo hire

Limousines are by far the most luxurious vehicles in the world. From their long, stretched nature to their cabin full of extraordinary features, nothing beats travelling from A to B in a limo.

Below are what we have found to be the most popular occasions that call for limo hire:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Proms
  • Weddings
  • Graduations
  • Award ceremonies
  • Sporting events
  • Festival
  • Concerts
  • Business trips

Where most limos are hired for big events such as the above, limo hire for city tours is also a common request.

How much does limo hire cost?

There are many different things that have an impact on what you will be charged for limousine hire. From location and the vehicle you choose to the number of passengers and the time of year, there is a lot to consider.

This is why at Cars for Stars, we work hard to make limousine rental as affordable as possible, partnering with top limo hire agents across the UK. All screened and vetted by our team, we allow our customers to compare vehicles and prices from a range of suppliers at once.

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Bentley Launches AR App

Where travelling inside a valuable, rare Bentley is the dream for most, when behind the wheel, the worry of parking will settle in. From not wanting to look a fool in front of other road users to being worried about curbing the wheels or scratching the bodywork, driving a Bentley is one hell of a responsibility.

This is why the geniuses at Bentley have decided to launch a new application; one that helps drivers get a fee for driving and parking a Bentley Flying Spur without leaving their sofa.

The app will allow the virtual driver to see both the front and back of the car, steering the Bentley and getting a virtual feel for the way it operates. Users can also change the size of the Bentley, viewing it to scale if they wish.

Called the Bentley AR Visualiser, the app is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play, seeing anyone with a smartphone able to download it for free.

Signaling just how far the traditional British car brand has come in modernising its manufacturing and marketing processes, Bentley hopes to use this app in showrooms across the world. Holding AR demonstrations, this app will first be used to market the new Bentley Flying Spur expected to drop in 2020, showing off its capabilities without actually being in the room.

Offering something between a test drive and a motoring computer game, we are hugely confident this app will conjure up a lot of interest in Bentley’s latest models.

Hire a Bentley Flying Spur

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Luxury Car Hire as a Christmas Present

Christmas is a time for giving, with the majority of Christmas-crazy Brits starting their Christmas shopping in October. That’s now!!  

While it pays to be prepared, many simply don’t have the time to head into town to find that perfect gift for a loved one. 

This is why at Cars for Stars, we are seeing more and more customers booking luxury car hire experiences for their friends and family! This is an unparalleled gift that has it all; thought, extravagance, uniqueness, the lot!  

So, if you like the idea of hearing a luxury car ride for that special someone this year, read our below suggestions. 

Hire a limo  

Travelling in a limousine is a truly great experience, being comfortable, luxurious and offering a great escape from everyday life. This is why the gift of limo hire is ALWAYS greatly received. 

Rolls Royce Phantom 

The Rolls Royce Phantom is the most iconic chauffeur car there is, boasting a stunning exterior paired with a cabin that resembles a high-end hotel.  

Constantly winning awards for its stunning craftsmanship, an hour in a Rolls Royce Phantom is an hour you will never forget!  

Bentley Flying Spur  

The Bentley Flying Spur is another great British chauffeur car that many regard as the pinnacle of luxury travel. This car is suited to those wanting to make a romantic gesture this Christmas, with the car being a great way to travel to a high-end restaurant or even a wedding!  

Luxury car hire through Cars for Stars  

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Top Wedding Bentleys

Bentley is a car brand that we all associate with class and sophistication. It is this high-class nature that makes Bentley cars highly in demand for weddings.

With incredible cabin space, luxurious interior and an exterior design that grabs the attention of all, Bentleys possess all the qualities you would want to see in a wedding car.

This is why at Cars for Stars, we enjoy helping all sorts of brides and grooms find Bentley hire deals, ensuring their wedding cars look the part and do not eat up too much of the all-important wedding budget.

Today, we look at the top Bentleys people are hiring for their wedding days; cars that work well when chauffeuring brides, grooms, bridesmaids and the likes.

  • Bentley Flying Spur – if you’re working with a traditional theme for your big day, Bentley Flying Spur hire is well worth consideration. Famed for their iconic design and smooth nature, arriving at the church in a Flying Spur will be an entrance to remember!
  • Bentley GT – looking for something a little more modern and sporty? If that’s the case, a Bentley GT will do the trick. While coming in all sorts of colours and specs, you can’t beat a gleaming white GT in our opinion.
  • Bentley Continental – the Continental is a model that is nothing but stylish, suited to brides and grooms that want to look the part on their wedding day. With sizable wheels and long wheelbase, this car is an attention-grabber for sure.

Bentley hire through Cars for Stars

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At Cars for Stars we have helped thousands of brides and grooms in the UK, finding them suitable deals for their big days.

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Luxury Cars to Hire for Valentine’s Day

While we are just getting prepared for Christmas, it certainly pays to get organised for the second most important day of the year; Valentine’s Day!

And, if you haven’t started to think about what present you will get the other half, now is the time!

Here at Cars for Stars, we have been helping the hopeless romantics of the UK find the best V Day present of all time; a luxury car hire experience!

Being unique, unexpected and truly unforgettable, hiring a luxury vehicle for the person you love will get you ALL the brownie points!

If you like the idea of travelling inside a posh car with your loved one on February 14th, below are a few car and limo options you may want to consider.

  • Lincoln Towncar Limousine – the Lincoln Towncar Limousine is the ultimate limo, boasting the stretched body, glamorous interior and more legroom than you’ll know what to do with. Proving the perfect car for a romantic trip, the Lincoln Towncar Limousine is a great option for a Valentine’s Day trip.
  • Rolls Royce Phantom – after something a little snazzier? If that’s the case, why not consider a Rolls Royce Phantom? Known for its luxuriousness and unique design, the Phantom is a gift that keeps on giving!
  • Self-drive Ferrari – for many men and women, the ultimate dream is to own a Ferrari. However, due to the price tags Ferraris boast, most of us settle for an average hatchback. But, that doesn’t mean driving a Ferrari is off bounds. Here at Cars for Stars, we can arrange for self-drive Ferrari hire for that special someone, allowing them to get behind the wheel and enjoy a thrilling driving experience.

Other vehicles you may want to hire for Valentine’s Day include:

  • Rolls Royce Ghost
  • Bentley Flying Spur
  • Bentley Arnage
  • Baby Bentley Limo
  • Audi R8
  • Starline Limo Bus
  • Range Rover Evoque
  • Range Rover Sport

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Lego McLaren Goes on Display in Leeds

Here at Cars for Stars, we love two things; luxury cars and Lego. This is why we were understandably thrilled to learn that a life-size McLaren made out of Lego had been unveiled in the brand’s new multi-million-pound showroom in Leeds.

Eager to promote their new location, the new Mclaren showroom turned heads on opening night, with the unusual take on the performance car understandably drawing a crowd.

But, this incredible vehicle display was not just for the car-lovers of the area to admire. The intention of the Lego masterpiece was to get children intrigued, ensuring they aspire for great things like owning a McLaren one day.

McLaren Leeds’ general manager Mark Ballance said:

“We arranged it because it is important to show children what they can achieve.”

Boasting about the new showroom, the team believes they are perfectly placed to accommodate the supercar enthusiasts of the country.

“We can serve Humberside, north of Sheffield and even across to Lancashire thanks to being near the M1, M62 and A1,” he said.

“We have gained a lot of new fans. People can see our new premises from the main road into Leeds because it is high profile.”

Hire a McLaren through Cars for Stars

If you are a supercar enthusiast then you will be glad to know that here at Cars for Stars, we are a supercar hire broker. This means we can arrange supercar hire experiences that exceed your expectations, not your budget.

With a panel of supercar providers spanning across the country, we will be sure to find a deal that suits you.

This includes deals for McLaren hire, helping all sorts of customers find both chauffeur-driven and self-drive options.

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Floyd Mayweather Extends Luxury Car Fleet

Floyd Mayweather is a sports star that is far from humble, known for boasting about his fortune, especially his cars.

Just today, it was revealed that Mayweather now boasts a fleet worth £20M!

Featuring all sorts of wonderful vehicles, Mayweather is one of America’s most respected car collectors, with his fleet comprising of various modern and vintage models from all over the world.

‘My garage looking like an indoor dealership with a few light toys” he said in a recent social media post.

Made up of everything from Rolls Royces to Ferraris, we take a look at the best picks from the Boxer’s garage.

Rolls Royces

Mayweather, the first £1bn Boxer, owns 5 Rolls Royces; all of which are customised to the back teeth! The Roller collection includes a classic Phantom, a Drophead Phantom, a Rolls Royce Dawn and a stunning Wraith. Just recently, the star invested in the latest creation from the British brand; a Rolls Royce Cullinan.

As well as being chauffeured around in these motors, Mayweather is also a fan of getting behind the wheel!


Though only owning one, Floyd is also a fan of Bugattis, with his Chiron reportedly worth a staggering £2.82m!

G Wagon

Though an SUV we associate with the Kardashian sisters, the G Wagon is also a feature in the ever-growing Mayweather fleet.

His £140k Mercedes G-Wagon is a common feature of his popular Instagram page.

Ferrari’s and Lamborghinis

In addition to SUVs and chauffeur cars, he is also a sucker for a super car, owning millions of pounds worth of Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

It is said that Mayweather now owns over 100 cars!

Want to hire luxury cars ?

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