Luxury Car Hire as a Romantic Gift

Whether it is your better half’s birthday, your anniversary or you just want to treat them to a gift, you will want to give that special someone something that they will remember; a gesture that completely outshines your average night out or petrol station bunch of flowers. This is why many hopeless romantics are gifting the joy of luxury car travel. This is something we at Cars for Stars are helping the men and women of the UK with daily, giving them access to a catalogue of luxury cars to whisk their partner away in.

Lincoln Towncar Limousine

From sipping champagne and taking in the sites of the city to relaxing with all the legroom imaginable, there are many reasons people hire limousines regularly. With travelling inside one being the ultimate, luxurious pastime, your loved one will be sure to love being gifted a limo hire experience. Whether for them and their friends or for the two of you to gaze at the stars with each other in, hiring a limo is one of the most romantics things you could possibly do.

Rolls Royce

Whether looking at the Rolls Royce Phantom, Wraith, Dawn or even the beautiful Silver Cloud, you will find it hard not to fall in love with Rollers. Being the pinnacle of beautiful car craftsmanship, Rolls Royce cars will be sure to impress that certain someone.

Horse and carriage hire

Though usually reserved for weddings, horse and carriage hire is a traditional form of transport that is becoming increasingly popular amongst modern travellers. Turning your average trip from A to B into a fun, unique and romantic experience, horse and carriage hire is the perfect gift to show someone you care.

Book luxury transport

If you are looking to reserve a chauffeur car, limo, supercar or even a horse a carriage, we at Cars for Stars would be more than happy to assist. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote to hire any of the vehicles found on our website.


Beckham Fined for Driving £100k Bentley Whilst on the Phone

Former England Captain and international celebrity, David Beckham, has found himself in a spot of bother this week. According to sources, the footballer was found guilty of using his mobile phone whilst driving.

Admitting fault, Beckham was caught in the West End of London by a passer-by, said to be speaking on his smartphone whilst behind the wheel of a rather fabulous £100,000 Bentley.

Pleading guilty via post, the sporting star agreed to a private hearing. He therefore turned down the option to contest the charge in a public hearing, deciding to take the punishment and admit defeat. This did however occur a mere 8 weeks after he was caught speeding, being let off of that charge on a technicality. Accused of “shirking his responsibility” as a male icon and role model, Beckham had no choice but to hold his hands up on this one.

Scotland Yard said today:

“The Met understands a postal guilty plea was subsequently received by Bromley Magistrates’ Court.”

The dad-of-four now faces 6 points being added to his licence and a £200 fine. But, being worth a staggering £300m, we can’t imagine the £200 fee to be a life-changing issue for him.

Bentley car hire

Renowned for his love of flash motors, we at Cars for Stars cannot help but admire Beckham’s choice of vehicle. If, like us, you are also huge Bentley fanatics, you may be interested in exploring our various Bentley hire packages. Suitable for all sorts of events such as weddings, birthdays, proms and your average weekend away, these Bentleys are capable of turning any trip into an unforgettable experience. Ranging from Bentley GTS and Bentley Continentals to Baby Bentley Limousines and more, our fleet will be sure to comprise of a Bentley for you.

Contact us today for more details or request a free, no obligation quote through our online system.


Luxury Car Hire for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is now just a few weeks away, meaning it is time to get organised and plan something special for the most important lady in your life; Mum.

Here at Cars for Stars, we have been working incredibly hard this month, helping the offspring of the country plan unforgettable trips for their Mums. Making use of our award-winning services, sons and daughters can access a world of luxury cars through to make this year’s Mothering Sunday unforgettable.

If this is something you are thinking of treating your Mum to, below are a few cars to think about.

Lincoln Towncar limousine

Seating up to 8 lucky passengers and built with comfort in mind, your Mother will feel like a Queen when travelling inside a Lincoln Towncar Limousine. With loads of legroom and plush leather to sit back on, this limousine can turn the shortest of trips into a fun day/night out.

Rolls Royce Phantom

Being the most iconic car within the Rolls Royce pack, the Rolls Royce Phantom is stylish, sophisticated and perfect for those that want their Mum to enjoy a real treat. Coming in all sorts of colours, the Phantom is a great choice for a tour of the city, a trip to a fancy restaurant; and much more.

Bentley Arnage

Another chauffeur car in which the older generation of ladies admire is the Bentley Arnage; a sleek, classy vehicle that offers the ultimate passenger experience.

Other popular cars to hire for Mother’s Day

Have something else in mind? If so, you should explore our immense collection of chauffeur cars, sports cars and limos. Below are some top picks that have proven popular on Mother’s Day:

  • Rolls Royce Ghost
  • Rolls Royce Wraith
  • Party Bus
  • Range Rover Sport
  • Lamborghini Aventador
  • Ferrari Italia

Book your cars online

You can reserve a luxury car for your Mum online now. Simply conduct a search on our homepage and scroll through the endless options on offer.


New Bespoke Programme from Rolls Royce

As made obvious by many of our previous blog posts, we are pretty darn obsessed with Rolls Royces; a British car brand that boasts a long history of making spellbinding vehicles.  

Building strong affiliations with their customers, the Rolls Royce team are renowned for paying care and attention to purchasers, creating dream cars that speak to the individual needs of their customers.  

Just this week, Rolls Royce launched a new Bespoke Programme at the Geneva Car Show, said to be taking the subject of customisation to the next level.  

With the success of the Cullinan giving Rolls Royce their best sales year ever, it quickly became apparent that their customers want cars that are bespoke.  

This new programme will extend their offering of customisation to ALL cars within their range. This include the prestigious Black Badge collection.  

How does it work? 

Rolls Royce are now promoting an infinite amount of trims, colour and material combinations as part of this promotional push, putting the customer well and truly in charge of what the end result of their car will be.  

The big unveiling  

Showing off their incredible abilities, Rolls Royce showcased the first customised Cullinan at the show. Named ‘Unimaginatively’, the car sported a Navy Blue and Oatmeal colour scheme fully fitted with rear facing seats perfect for sipping champagne on.  

Rolls Royce hire  

If you are also a fan of Rollers then you may be interested in learning about our Rolls Royce hire options. From Ghosts and Phantoms to Silver Clouds and even the all-new Cullinan, you can hire all sorts of Rolls Royce cars across the country.  


Jaguar to Focus on Coupe Production

When scrolling through the Cars for Stars website, you quickly see that we have a variety of Jaguars on offer; cars that are commonly used to chauffeur brides, businesspeople prom kings/queens and the likes!

From the wonderful E Pace to the XJ and the stunning XJ8, there is not a Jaguar that we do not like.

And, it appears that Jaguar is looking to add to their already-incredible fleet. Just this week, the brand announced that it was working on a new, two-door coupe, extending its sport-focused collection.

Where most manufacturers are focusing on the SUV market, Jaguar want to stay true to their routes. While their focus has been on SUVs of late, this new coupe hopes to redefine Jaguar as the sports carmakers they are famous for being.

Director of Design, Ian Callum, is thrilled to release images and further details of this new coupe, feeling it do the Jaguar brand justice.

“There will always be a Jag two door coupe in the line-up because that’s the story of what we’re about, and you can’t build a brand without a story,” he says.

“So yes, a two-door coupe is essential to the brand. The volumes may not be high but we will build two-door sports cars and the rest will grow from that.”

Jaguar hire through Cars for Stars

If, like us, you enjoy nothing more than travelling inside stunning cars, be sure to explore our exquisite range of Jaguars available to hire. These range from Jaguar wedding cars and prom cars to supercars perfect for a special weekend away. We simply have it all!

What’s more is that you can book your luxury chauffeur cars online, reserving your dream cars in less than a minute! So, what are you waiting for? Search, compare and book Jaguars on your smartphone now!


Surrey Limo Ceased by Police

At Cars for Stars, we are one of the nation’s largest suppliers of limo hire, renting out various makes, models and sizes for all sorts of celebratory occasions and purposes.

As a result, we hold a responsibility to offer high-end, quality limos to each and every one of our customers. This is why each  limo provider that joins our network needs to provide us with reassurance of quality. Vetted by our team, the people we work with HAVE to provide us with proof of correct licensing and various other documentation.

However, not all businesses operating in the private hire space are as safety-conscious as us.

According to a recent news article, a limo from Surrey has been ceased. This happened when the limo broke down carrying a hen party, seeing the authorities offer their assistance at the roadside. However, it was when the police moved the stretched white limousine to a safe environment that the apparent faults with the vehicle’s licensing were revealed.

The SRPU post read:

“Earlier we received reports of a broken down Limo carrying a hen party. Officers arrive to find the Limo and moved it to safety.

“Checks revealed no excise licence paid since December 2014. Questions around insurance too. Vehicle seized #nowearereallypoliceofficers.”

Limo hire in Surrey

Are you looking for a safe, reliable limousine to hire for an upcoming event? If so, we at Cars for Stars can help, sharing our exquisite limo hire services across the whole of Surrey and further afield. From Lincoln Towncar Limousines and Starline Limo Buses to Audi Limos and Hummers, the options on offer through us are endless.

For a free, no obligation quote to hire any of the limousines found on our website, make use of our online booking system. Alternatively, contact our amazing team at the office.


The Best Black Prom Cars

To make your prom evening one to remember, why not treat yourself and hire a luxurious prom car to take you to your venue? Having a luxury car is an excellent way to create a lavish experience while celebrating a special time in your life. You’ll be able to create great and lasting memories with your friends as you enjoy the comfort of a beautiful, luxury car.

If you’re interested in indulging in a stylish and deluxe transport for your prom, here’s a few ideas to consider…

Rolls Royce Ghost

The Rolls Royce Ghost retains old-school luxury – being both timeless and modern. Some of its famous features include excellent steering with classic-style wheels. Ghosts also boast stunning cushioned interior, making for a comfortable ride every time.

You’ll be sure to make an entrance to remember with the Rolls Royce Ghost!

Bentley Mulsanne

Enjoy the ultimate expression of luxury and powered performance with the Bentley Mulsanne.

It has a contemporary design with an elegant interior, eye-catching lines along the front ends, stainless steel vanes, and low wing vents. So, it is safe to say you’ll be turning heads with the Bentley Mulsanne!

1972 Rolls Royce Phantom VI

Are you after a vintage vehicle instead? Then the 1972 Rolls Royce Phantom VI is for you!

This vehicle has a stunning old fashioned design with a reclining rear seat, velvet interior and walnut veneer. This Phantom VI has aged like fine wine and with its beautiful and unique design, you’ll feel like royalty at your own prom!

Hire a luxury car for your prom

Do any of these vehicles catch your eye? We also have a wider range of luxury cars to choose from over on our gallery. If you’d like to hire a car for your prom, then don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free quote.



5 Luxury Rolls Royces to Hire

If you have had a little nose around our website, you will quickly learn that we are huge fans of Rolls Royces; cars that ooze with eccentricity. Being highly sought after, Rolls Royces make for the perfect cars to hire for special occasions. From weddings and proms to business trips and Christmas parties, there isn’t an event that a Roller can’t enhance.

So, if you are thinking of treating yourself to something special for an upcoming event, below are our top 5 Rolls Royces to consider.

Rolls Royce Phantom

The Rolls Royce Phantom is arguably the leader of the Rolls Royce pack; an iconic car that we at Cars for Stars just love. Being easy on the eye and traditional in style, it is no wonder the Rolls Royce is the most popular chauffeur car in the UK.

Rolls Royce Ghost

The Rolls Royce Ghost is slightly more boyish than the Phantom, being a tad more compact and arguably, modern.

Rolls Royce Wraith

The Wraith has recently been referred to as “the most powerful and dynamic Rolls-Royce in history”, with the latest model described as comfy and spacious; two qualities everyone wants in their chauffeur car.

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

Coming under the ‘classic’ category, the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud is just stunning, commonly used for weddings and proms. Created from April 1955 to March 1966, the car has a relaxing and traditional feel.

Rolls Royce Cullinan

The Cullinan is the first and only SUV to come from the British carmakers, being an SUV with luxury sewn throughout its tapestry. Dominating this niche market, the Cullinan is growing in popularity by the day.

Book your Roller

If you are thinking of hiring a Rolls Royce then be sure to explore our exquisite range today.

Need some extra support? If so, contact our friendly team at the office; individuals that can advise you on the best Rolls Royces to suits your needs and budget.


Choosing a Wedding Car: Top Tips

Your wedding day is commonly referred to as ‘the most important day of your life’, putting a great deal of pressure on you and your partner to get everything just right. This is especially the case when it comes to the all-important wedding car, with wedding day transport having such a huge bearing on both the smooth-running and image of your big day.  

If you are struggling to arrive at a decision when it comes to wedding car hire, below are a few things to consider.  


When first planning your wedding, you will have decided on a colour palette; a set of colours your day is centered around that complement one another. We recommend that you opt for a wedding car that fits in with this palette.  

Here at Cars for Stars, you can pick and choose from a whole rainbow of cars, deciding between black, white, blue, red and even novelty colours such as purple and even yellow.  


If you are thinking about your wedding day travel, consider who your car will have to seat. And, if it is the bride, how big her dress is! In recent years, we have seen the return of the big bridal gown, meaning big wedding cars and limousines are becoming popular again!  

Traditional vs modern  

Your car style has a huge impact on the overall look of your wedding, especially your arrival. This is why before shopping around for cars, you need to decide whether you want to go classic or modern. 

Below are a few popular wedding cars that fall under the ‘modern’ category:  

  • Range Rover Sport  
  • Range Rover Evoque  
  • BMW X6  
  • Rolls Royce Cullinan  
  • Rolls Royce Ghost  
  • Mercedes S Class 
  • Supercars such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Bugattis  

Classic and vintage cars within our range include:  

  • The Rolls Royce Ghost  
  • Beauford  
  • 1927 Rolls Royce Phantom  
  • Bentley MK VI Hire 
  • 1950 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith 
  • Proud Prince – Bentley S1 
  • Bentley R 

Book your wedding cars  

Looking to reserve your wedding cars? You can do so through this very site.

Prefer to speak to a wedding car specialist? If so, contact our office and speak with one of our advisors.  


Bentley Launch the World’s Fastest SUV

Bentley is without a doubt one of the best car manufacturers of our time, having given us some beautiful chauffeur and sports cars during their century in business. However, it seems the nation has seen their attention drawn to their 190mph Bentley Bentayga Speed; a car that has been dubbed ‘the world’s fastest SUV’.   

Overtaking the Lamborghini Urus with a slight advantage of 0.6mph, the Bentayga Speed is an upgraded version of the standard Bentayga.  

Set to hit our roads in 2020, the car has been tweaked slightly to give it an extra edge. This includes a 6.0-liter W-12 engine, offering 626 of horsepower. Bentley has also reworked the Bentayga’s suspension system, added a new exhaust tune AND introduced some pretty good-looking 22-inch wheels. 

While both created by the Volkswagen Group, rumours suggest that the Lamborghini Urus will now be looking at making tweaks to regain its title as the fastest SUV in the market.  

But, Bentley and Lamborghinis are not the only brands to be focused heavily on the luxury SUV market. Aston Marten, Ferrari, McLaren and Rolls Royce are all making it their mission to excel in this niche.  

However, one luxury SUV that they will all find hard to contend with is the Rolls Royce Cullinan; the first SUV to come from the British carmakers. Despite battling the woes of Brexit, it has been reported that Rolls Royce are struggling to cater to the thousands of calls for the car, unable to get the bespoke-made cars off of the production line in time. While needing to accelerate their production times, this is not a bad position to be in. This is especially the case when considering each vehicle is worth a quarter of a million pounds!  

What are your thoughts, do you have a favourite luxury SUV?