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Beckham Fined for Driving £100k Bentley Whilst on the Phone

Former England Captain and international celebrity, David Beckham, has found himself in a spot of bother this week. According to sources, the footballer was found guilty of using his mobile phone whilst driving.

Admitting fault, Beckham was caught in the West End of London by a passer-by, said to be speaking on his smartphone whilst behind the wheel of a rather fabulous £100,000 Bentley.

Pleading guilty via post, the sporting star agreed to a private hearing. He therefore turned down the option to contest the charge in a public hearing, deciding to take the punishment and admit defeat. This did however occur a mere 8 weeks after he was caught speeding, being let off of that charge on a technicality. Accused of “shirking his responsibility” as a male icon and role model, Beckham had no choice but to hold his hands up on this one.

Scotland Yard said today:

“The Met understands a postal guilty plea was subsequently received by Bromley Magistrates’ Court.”

The dad-of-four now faces 6 points being added to his licence and a £200 fine. But, being worth a staggering £300m, we can’t imagine the £200 fee to be a life-changing issue for him.

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Floyd Mayweather Shows of Fleet of Luxury Cars

Floyd Mayweather is an undefeated boxer renowned for his impeccable talent. Boasting 50 wins under his belt, his ability to fight has never been questioned. However, since his retirement, he has become synonymous with not only boxing, but his love affair with fine cars.

Being far from humble when it comes to his financial achievements, the champ is always eager to show off his pricey possessions. This week, he gave the world a glimpse into his car collection; a fleet that featured some of the greatest cars ever made.

Living up to his nickname ‘The Money’, he showed viewers around his £1.5M collection on social media. In the garage, viewers could see FOUR beautiful Rolls Royces. His Roller collection comprised of a Rolls Royce Phantom worth £355,000, a Phantom Drophead Coupe priced at £367,000, a Dawn valued at £264,000 and a Wraith costing £364,000.

In the garage, his followers were also given a tour of his stunning Mercedes Maybach; a limousine that is worth an eye-watering £172,000. Last, but by no means least, the 41-year-old gave us a look at a super-fast Ferrari 488; a car rumoured to be worth at least £240,000.

He proudly captioned the post: “All Black Everything’ Trying to decide what I want to take for a spin…

“The Phantom, The Wraith, The Drophead, The Dawn, The Maybach or The 488 Ferrari.”

While most were mesmerised by the undeniably beautiful fleet, former friend, 50 Cent, was far from happy. Having fallen out with the multi-weight world champion, Curtis Jackson said:

“I thought I blocked this n****. See me wit white, now he going all black.

Though it is not unusual for Mayweather to boast about his possessions, he has certainly ramped up the number of flashy posts ahead of his next fight on New Year’s Eve. On the 31st, Mayweather will come out of retirement to take on Japanese kickboxer, Tenshin Naksukawa.

Let us know what you think, can Mayweather reign supreme?


Cardi B Fails Carpool Karaoke Driving Test

If you are anything like us, you will simply love James Corden’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’; a popular feature of his Late Late Show. Inviting celebrities into his rather beautiful Range Rover, Corden encourages them to belt out a tune or two with him. Having seen the likes of Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey and even Stevie Wonder bless the passenger seat, you just never know what great talent will climb inside the SUV.

Well, this week we were thrilled to see rap sensation, Cardi B, occupy the Range Rover; a high-profile celebrity that is currently entangled in celebrity feuds, marital separations and more!

Putting her woes aside, the ‘I Like it Like That’ singer admitted that she could not drive, taking the wheel away from public roads to give the Range Rover a test drive. Under the careful supervision of James Cordon, it is safe to say that the driving lesson did not go well.

Combatting an obstacle course set up especially for her, the rapper failed to show any natural driving capability, knocking pretty much every obstacle over.

Putting on a rather hilarious show for the cameras, Cardi B gave the impression that she had never driven a car in her life. However, she later admitted that she owns 5 cars, with her fleet including two Lamborghinis and a Bentley! Admitting that she only uses her collection of super cars to take selfies in, we could not help but be envious of the 26-year-old’s lavish lifestyle.

So, while her manoeuvring and parallel parking did not go to plan on the Late Late Show, she certainly has a few vehicles at home in which she can brush up her skills in.

Let us know your thoughts on the subject. Is owning five vehicles just for the purpose of Instagram a little excessive. Or, is it the ultimate dream? Share your comments below!


Kylie Jenner Treats Herself to Customised Rolls Royce Wraith

Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the celebrity Kardashian/Jenner tribe, is renowned for her love of fine, expensive things. This is especially the case when it comes to her luxury car collection, boasting a fleet of some of the most incredible vehicles the world has ever seen. From her stunning Rolls Royces and Lamborghinis to Mercedes G Wagons, her collection of vehicles is simply unparalleled.

But, the Billionaire make up tycoon has decided to treat herself to yet another motor in time for the festive period. Just this week, Kylie Jenner has shared Snapchat story after Snapchat story of her new ride; a baby blue Rolls Royce that has been customised especially for the famous Jenner sister.

According to various sources, the ice blue car is by no means understated, with the ceiling adorned with shiny glitter. From the engraved floor boards to the plush leather, the in-cabin experience will be nothing short of magical. Claiming to have always wanted a Rolls Royce Wraith, the blonde beauty said the following to her millions of followers:

‘Guys, my first custom car. I waited months for this,’

‘I’ve always wanted an ice baby blue Wraith. I’m obsessed.’

While not your conventional ‘Mum Wagon’, the car is said to be Kylie’s ‘dream car’, with many claiming the vehicle to be worth a whopping $320,000.

Branding her fleet of cars ‘her babies’, it is not just Kylie that gets to enjoy the fruits of Kyle Cosmetic’s labour. In October, Kyle gifted her mother, Kris Jenner, a 488 Ferrari worth $250,000, giving ‘The Queen’ a 63rd birthday present that she will find hard to forget.

Let us know what you think. Is $10M worth of cars excessive for a young girl or is this money well spent? We would love to hear your thoughts on Kylie Jenner’s fleet!


Arnold Schwarzenegger Flaunts New $265,000 Bentley

Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of our time’s greatest actors, has this week unveiled his new ride, seen driving around in a brand new $265,000 Bentley Continental.

While most 71-year-olds opt for something reliable, comfortable and eco-friendly, Schwarzenegger loves to shock, renowned for his love of fine cars and the lavish lifestyle.

As the pinnacle of luxury transport, the Bentley undeniably grabbed the attention of all, with Arnold proud to flaunt the quarter of a million-pound car around the streets of Los Angeles. Still boasting a buff frame, the star topped off his look with a tight t-shirt and jeans, showing the world that he is still very much the tough guy of the city.

While his surprising physique was commented on online, the car itself obviously stole the show, showcasing black and yellow paint, impressively-large alloy wheels and an engine roar you could hear from blocks away. Smoking a large cigar as he parked the super car, the drop-top proved to be the perfect car for a smoking, muscly super celebrity.

Ditching the SUV

Being incredibly rich, it really is no surprise that Schwarzenegger bought a super car. That said, over the years, the actor has become thought of for his love and promotion of SUVs. With his Terminator character arguably responsible for cars like the Hummer being a consumer favourite, sizable, gas-guzzling vehicles have always been ‘his thing’. But, last year, he put his stamp of approval on an all-electric SUV, heavily involved in the customisation of a Mercedes-Benz G-Class into an electric motor.

“This amazing off-road vehicle as a clean and fast electric car? A dream has become real!” said Schwarzenegger.

The star has also been known to convert a Hummer H1, allowing it to run on vegetable oil alone!

Let us know what you think about this story by leaving your comments with us.


Prince Charles’ Aston Martin Now Runs on White Wine!

For obvious reasons, alcohol and high-powered sports cars are seldom discussed in the same breath. However, thanks to one prominent member of the Royal family, that is not the case today.

Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne, has revealed that his Aston Martin Volante is fuelled completely by surplus white wine. The Prince of Wales, celebrating his 70th birthday today, has explained that he requested engineers at Aston Martin to find a more environmentally-friendly way of running his  Volante than the conventional fossil fuels commonly used. The result, a sports car running solely on one of the nation’s favourite alcoholic drink; wine!

After revealing the fuel change on a car he’s owned for almost five decades, Prince Charles explained his Aston Martin Volante now “runs better and is more powerful on that fuel than it is on petrol.” He also jokingly added, “It smells delicious as you’re driving along.”

The country’s future King is a strong advocate of sustainable fuels as an alternative to the commonly-used fossil fuels. The Prince of Wales was credited for overseeing the introduction of the Royal Family’s first all-electric car, the Jaguar I-Pace. Prince Charles also backed the move which now sees the Royal Train operate completely on cooking oil.

Following suit

And, it seems he is not the only royal eager to travel in an eco-friendly manner. His youngest son, Prince Harry, married American actress, Meghan Markle, In the summer. With the nation eagerly waiting to find out what car the couple arrived in, we were shocked to see the unveiling of the electric Jaguar. The Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero made a real statement, with the Royal family showing the world that sustainability was at the forefront of their minds.

“Concept Zero combines the renowned E-type dynamic experience with enhanced performance through electrification,” said Tim Hannig, Director of Jaguar Land Rover Classic.

“This unique combination creates a breathtaking driving sensation.

“Our aim with Concept Zero is to give classic Jaguars a sustainable future in changing environmental and economic conditions.”

Let us know what you think. Will it take more that these efforts from Harry and Charles to steer people away from gas-guzzling beauties?


Katie Price gifted black Range Rover by new boyfriend

Now, Katie Price is a fascinating character. From her lavish lifestyle and skimpy clothing to her much-documented, high-profile relationships, it is understandable why our newsfeeds are clogged up with Pricey-based news stories.

While fake tan and hair extensions are interesting to some, at Cars for Stars, we are more interested in Katie Price’s collection of fine cars. Renowned for her fleet of high-powered, glittery vehicles, Pricey has this week become the owner of a rather fabulous black Range Rover Sport. Bought for her by her new beau, Alex Adderson, we are starting to see what Katie sees in the 25-year-old businessman.

Apparently facing some trouble selling her Barbie pink Range Rover, the sleek, black SUV will surely make for the perfect replacement.

Investing a whopping £63,000 in this romance, Adderson is well and truly loved up. However, it is not all unicorns and rainbows in the Price household. According to sources, Katie Price is currently doing a stint in rehab to combat substance abuse.

“Katie’s relationship with Alex is still surviving even though she’s in rehab and even has her family’s blessing now,” a source told.

“He has bought Katie a new car, a black Range Rover. The car is in his name so that it can’t be used in her bankruptcy case, unlike her other possessions such as the pink Range Rover she’s struggling to sell.”

The insider continued:

“Katie now drives the black Range Rover when she goes to her sessions at The Priory and visits Alex on her way home from rehab most nights.

“Things are really heating up between them and it’s been so good for her to have someone to rely on while she goes through rehab.”

Let us know what your thoughts are on this beautiful gift. A bit much for a new 5-week relationship?


Zimbabwe Politician Splashes Half a Million Dollars on Monstrous Custom Limo

More-550(1)Many important figures such as politicians are known for their executive style, oozing with sophistication and class. However, we are seeing more and more public figures breaking the mold.

One Zimbabwean politician has certainly done that, renowned for his collection of amazingly unusual vehicles. Chiyangwa has been subject to much criticism as a result of his latest purchase, spending a whopping half a million dollars on a monster limousine.

Although we at Cars for Stars think it is incredible it seems that the people of Zimbabwe want their politician to not be so showy, appearing to have hit a nerve with the politician.

“If I have knocked out a bank the police will come after me. No one is stopping you from making your own money,” he said.

“How many years have I been driving nice cars to then stop now; under whose instructions? And whose money am I using, is it public funds?

“Why shouldn’t I celebrate? You should not forget that I’m a businessman first and a politician second.Chiyangwa-Tsivo-Merc-new

“I don’t work for the country, I work for myself and my family first and those who work for me; you understand?

Although many comments may be made through jealously Chiyangwa still feels the need to defend himself and his purchases, focusing on the fact that he works hard for his country and his money.

“This (public show of wealth) shows you that this politician is working and I have no apologies to make.

“I’m living my life … this car probably cost me more than half a million dollars … and this is just a transformer – I have also acquired a jet,” Chiyangwa told.

“This is the first of its kind … and the last one; they (manufacturers) only made this one.”

Asked when he would take delivery of the plane, Chiyangwa said: “When you see it you will see it, just as I did not announce the arrival of the Transformer and the Mercedes GL63 AMG.

“I don’t stop my friend; I had a big party where I celebrated my birthday and I am making money; this (the car) is the sign of it.

“I am not going to wait and Zimbabweans must know that this guy ain’t waiting. We must stop waiting; waiting for who?”

Let s know what you think; is this attitude refreshing or offensive? Leave your comments below.

Also, take a look at the video of his incredible new limo.




X Factor Steph Woods Shines Bright Like a Diamond

We were very proud to chauffeur Steph Woods last week and are even happier to introduce her newest addition to her musical repertoire. She is defiantly one to look out for in the coming weeks and we for one are very excited to see what the future holds for a genuinely talented young British female. The charts are bursting with songs that compromise musical for ability, the industry is desperate for a star like Steph! Keep a look put for her new songs on her Youtube, Facebook and Twitter pages.


photo (1)

Steph Woods from X Factor hitched a ride with Cars for Stars

Twice X Factor evictee, Steph Woods, is definitely one to look out for! Last week she posted a picture on Twitter sprawled inside one of our Rolls Royce Phantoms! Things are definitely looking up for Steph and Cars for Stars was thrilled to be a part of her journey.

photo (1)

The young liverpudlian has had an epic musical adventure, especially when thinking back to her X Factor experiences. She first auditioned

for the ITV show at the very young of 14, back in 2007. Progressing all the way to judges houses, mentored by Sharon Osborne, her dream was then crushed. Claiming she was too young to handle the pressure, Sharon

regrettably decided to take her off the show.

Steph Woods returned to the show this year on learning of Sharon’s return to the judging panel. Having all her memories resurfaced she told that this would be her last shot at the X Factor, pulling on Sharon’s heartstrings throughout the series.


When her 2013 X Factor

voyage ended at boot camp the country was devastated to see the back of her, especially Mrs O.

The rock stars wife spilled out her emotions towards Steph on the show and continues to talk about her in the press. In an interview entitled ‘My X Factor Special Moment’ featured in Women & Home Magazine Sharon presented her emotions on the page.

“Every so often an act wanders in that reminds me why I love doing it”

Sharon talks of Steph’s return to the show after 6 years from seeing her.

‘Fast-forward six years and she turned up to audition again this year, it was such an incredible moment, really humbling.”

We can safely say that Cars for Stars was greatly honoured to work with an up and coming British star like Steph!