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Rolls Royce Unveils the Ultimate Collectable Ghost

Rolls Royce, one of the most reputable, iconic car brands of all time, has the week unveiled its latest creation. Coming in the form of a new Ghost collection, these vehicles have been launched to mark the model’s 10- year anniversary.

Wanting to celebrate the global car sensation, Rolls Royce decided to launch the Zenith collection. This is a limited edition collection made up of just 50 Rollers.

Very much paying homage to the Ghost as well as original Rolls Royce variations of the car, these vehicles boast incredible details and features both inside and out. From the newly-created bodywork colours to hand-crafted wooden marquetry design installed in the door panels, the Zenith Ghosts are completely original.

Those lucky enough to get their hands on one of the 50 cars will be able to choose from a range of two-tone colour schemes. These include Iguazu Blue with Andalusian White, Premiere Silver with Arctic White or a daring Bohemian Red with Black Diamond.

Another feature that has gotten everyone talking is the ambient lighting, providing an unparalleled cabin experience that we would only expect from Roll Royce.

Though just one of Rolls Royce’s fine creations, the 2009 Ghost broke the mould, changing the image of the vehicle brand indefinitely. Being smaller than all of its predecessors, the Ghost was all about the driving experience rather than the chauffeur experience.

‘The Ghost is the most successful Rolls-Royce ever created and the Zenith Collection marks an important milestone in our modern history,” says chief executive officer Torsten Müller-Ötvös.

“It presents an entirely forward-looking study of the unique characteristics that have seen Ghost ascend to the status of the most progressive super-luxury saloon ever conceived.”

If you are a fan of the Rolls Royce Ghost then why not hire one for an upcoming event? Search, compare and book your very own Roller using our online booking system now.


Bentley Launch the World’s Fastest SUV

Bentley is without a doubt one of the best car manufacturers of our time, having given us some beautiful chauffeur and sports cars during their century in business. However, it seems the nation has seen their attention drawn to their 190mph Bentley Bentayga Speed; a car that has been dubbed ‘the world’s fastest SUV’.   

Overtaking the Lamborghini Urus with a slight advantage of 0.6mph, the Bentayga Speed is an upgraded version of the standard Bentayga.  

Set to hit our roads in 2020, the car has been tweaked slightly to give it an extra edge. This includes a 6.0-liter W-12 engine, offering 626 of horsepower. Bentley has also reworked the Bentayga’s suspension system, added a new exhaust tune AND introduced some pretty good-looking 22-inch wheels. 

While both created by the Volkswagen Group, rumours suggest that the Lamborghini Urus will now be looking at making tweaks to regain its title as the fastest SUV in the market.  

But, Bentley and Lamborghinis are not the only brands to be focused heavily on the luxury SUV market. Aston Marten, Ferrari, McLaren and Rolls Royce are all making it their mission to excel in this niche.  

However, one luxury SUV that they will all find hard to contend with is the Rolls Royce Cullinan; the first SUV to come from the British carmakers. Despite battling the woes of Brexit, it has been reported that Rolls Royce are struggling to cater to the thousands of calls for the car, unable to get the bespoke-made cars off of the production line in time. While needing to accelerate their production times, this is not a bad position to be in. This is especially the case when considering each vehicle is worth a quarter of a million pounds!  

What are your thoughts, do you have a favourite luxury SUV?  


New Mercedes CLA Dubbed ‘The Intelligent Luxury Car’

In an age where technology is changing by the day, car manufacturers in particular find themselves in competition, with most high-end brands fighting to remain relevant in today’s tech-savvy market. And, at the luxury end of the market, the competition is most fierce, with many German vehicle makers working hard to create the next big car of our generation.

However, one car that has hit the press this week is the new Mercedes CLA Coupé; a car that has been dubbed ‘the intelligent luxury car’.

Stealing the show at the CES 2019, the luxury car impressed the event’s attendees, with its luxury appeal, smooth control and eye-catching design understandably grabbing the attention of all. However, it was the intelligent cockpit system, the MBUX, that got tounges wagging.

Said to be the best feature of the CLA, the system does a great deal more than your average. From recognising voice commands to understanding gestures, it really is unparalleled.

“Now we go to the next level with an intelligent interior assistance system for the compact class,” says Ola Källenius, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG.

“The new edition of the CLA has been developed further in an intelligent way and is even more emotional and sportier than its predecessor. Coupled with new operating systems, it sets new benchmarks for the entire class.”

The stunning first series was also celebrated for its semi-autonomous capabilities, with the creators of this Mercedes understanding the need for high-tech integration and the world’s fascination with driverless technology.

According to sources, the car has been developed with a series of cameras and radars that monitor the conditions of the road, allowing the car to take on many of the responsibilities that getting from A to B entails.

Let us know what you think, will the new CLA outshine all of its predecessors? Leave your thoughts with us.


Rolls Royce Experiment With Aluminum Tech for New SUV Project


Prestigious car brand Rolls Royce have this week confirmed that they will be working with new lightweight aluminium spaceframe architecture as of 2018, coinciding with their plans to modernise what has been traditionally thought of as a classic fleet.

What the future holds for Rolls Royce

These plans are said to underpin their latest project, the ‘Cullinan’ SUV; a vehicle that is scheduled to launch later this decade. Going head-to head with the likes of the Bentley Bentayga is appears that Rolls Royce are investing ehvaiy in new technology and building procedures, ensuring that the Rolls Royce name will forever reign supreme.

Straight from the horse’s mouth

Rolls says its two-year testing programme ‘aims to ensure that the new space-frame structure perfectly delivers Rolls-Royce’s trademark “magic-carpet ride” on a variety of surfaces and that it is resilient to extreme weather conditions.’

Torsten Müller-Ötvös, chief exec of Rolls-Royce, said: ‘It is time to take the next step in the luxury journey. This is why I am announcing today that on-road testing of our all-new proprietary architecture is beginning. This new architecture of pure luxury represents considerable investment in the future of our great brand.’

Let us know what you think. Do you agree that if something is not broken why fix it? Leave your comments below.


Ferrari FXX Signed By Schumacher Expected to Get £1.5 at Auction

Seven-time Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher is regarded as one of the world’s greatest racers; therefore pretty much everything he touches turns to gold, especially cars. A Ferrari FXX with Michael Schumacher’s signature on the bonnet is to go under the hammer at an auction in Berlin on 26th September, expecting to fetch a whopping £1.5m.


The Ferrari FXX is not only special due to its celebrity association but it is also an extremely rare edition, with only 30 of the vehicles being built back in 2006. With Schumacher’s car being number 29 of the 30 it boasts a great deal of speciality, being signed in the last year before his retirement.

Costing £2million from new purchasers enjoyed being added to the XX program; which included trackside support and maintenance. Where this is no longer a selling point can the car really reach the £1.5m that experts believe it can?

Under the bonnet


Based on the Ferrari Enzo, the FXX showcases a 6.3L V12 engine, delivering an impressive 809bhp at 8500rpm. Going from 0-62mph in just 2.5 seconds the car is undeniably impressive, but is the price tag a little optimistic? Leave your thoughts by commenting below.



Editor’s Pick of the Day: Top 5 Luxury Chauffeur Cars



As humans we all crave a bit of luxury, wanting to enjoy the finer things in life. Where this is not always financially possible it is important that you treat yourself from time to time, enjoying great cars where possible. At Cars for stars we are keen advocates of that, hiring out various types of chauffeur cars at commendable rates.

If you are looking to hire a luxury car for an upcoming event the be sure that we at Cars for Stars can help, sporting an eclectic fleet made up of various brands and vehicle types.

Here are our top 5 luxury cars, we hope they help you make a well-informed decision as to what you want to hire:

Mercedes S Class


Oozing with indulgence the S Class is favoured amongst our corporate customers; those that want to experience a laid back, smooth ride. Equipped with luxury leather and a spacious interior this Mercedes models boast character, erect for those that enjoy conveying that wealthy image.

Range Rover Sport 


The Range Rover sport has attitude, extremely popular amongst our younger customers. Being both roomy and enviably comfortable hiring a Range Rover can be a true delight, especially if you are heading out for a night on the town.

Rolls Royce Phantom

download (2)

Being such an iconic vehicle the Rolls Royce Phantom is for many the epitome of luxury, showcasing an extravagant design and set of features. From its large body to its quirky incorporations, it is true that the RR Phantom speaks to our outlandish cravings. Being such a stunning creation the Phantom has proven its worth at many different types of events, a very popular choice for wedding, prom and corporate travel.

Lincoln Towncar limousine 


The Lincoln Towncar is a very popular choice here at Cars for Stars, with its ability to chauffeur up to 12 individuals providing to be an attractive feature. Combining space with high-tech features this particular limo is a great choice for hire.

Starline limo bus 

Starline 6

If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary then have you considered party bus hire? With cars for Stars being one of the only companies providing the Starline Limo Bus it is safe to say that we can offer the best service around, with these buss built with a wealth of extraordinary features. From televisions and sound systems to karaoke machines and champagne fridges, no single vehicle exceeds the extravagance of the Starline.

If you are interested in hiring any of the above chauffeur vehicles then call us today for more information.


2016 Set to Welcome the Rolls Royce Dawn


At Cars for Stars we were overjoyed at the news of Rolls Royce’ latest creation, the Dawn. With the name being a huge contrast against models such as the Phantom an the Ghost the unveiling has caused many whispers in the industry.

Said to be an open-top version of the Rolls-Royce Wraith coupé, the car will go on sale in the first quarter of 2016, leaving car enthusiasts eager to place their orders next summer.

Why Dawn?

Although the name has come as a great surprise it is not the first time the British carmakers have used the name, used back in 1949 before appearing on 28 drop-top models up to 1954 including the Silver Dawn, the first factory-built Rolls-Royce.

On the new name, Rolls-Royce boss Torsten Müller-Ötvös said: “Dawn is a beautiful new open-top motor car with a name that suggests the fresh opportunities that every new day holds – an awakening, an opening up of one’s senses and a burst of sunshine. It will be the most social of super-luxury motor cars for those beautiful people who wish to bathe in the sunlight of the world’s social hotspots.”

Mirroring many qualities of the Wraith the Dawn shares the same wheelbase, inspired by the same two-door design. With the beauty of the Wraith globally celebrated it makes sense for the designers to not change too much with this creation, just creating the car with a slightly gently sloping rear deck.

Under the Bonnet

The mechanical make-up is almost identical to the Wraith, showcasing 624bhp and a twin-turbocharged 6.6-litre V12 engine. With so many mirrored qualities we expect the car to drive pretty much the same as the Wraith, being a very popular chauffeur car for weddings, business trips and other important occasions.

Prices are set to start at around £250,000 for the Dawn. What do you think, is this a bargain or a sign of greed? Leave your comments below.


Transport to Wembley – Johnstone’s Paint Trophy

010794373744900If you are looking to visit Wembley for the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy then we at Cars for Stars can help, having access to the best vehicles to get you to the stadium safely and in style.

Why choose us?

With over a decade of experience paired with an enviable collection of sporting transport methods we at Cars for Stars are the UK’s first choice for Wembley transport.

Choosing Cars for Stars grants you the freedom to explore Wembley after the game, allowing you to enjoy the occasion to the fullest.

Vehicles available

With the largest fleet of hire vehicles in the UK sporting fans are spoilt for choice when it comes to vehicle selection, catering to every type of Wembley trip. Whether you are a businessman in need of a chauffeur vehicle to get you and a partner to the stadium of a group of lads in need of a double decker coach, allow our team to get you a cheap rate for hire.

Our vehicle collection includes:

And much more.

To get a clearer picture of what Cars for Stars can offer visit our gallery. You will find images and descriptions of each vehicle, allowing you to visualise your journey to and from the game.

Get a quote

Contact us today and allow a member of the team to talk you through your options, arriving at a bespoke travel plan to make your Wembley experience one to remember.


High Gear Logo

High Gear Insurance show further signs of Chauffeur Insurance market domination

High Gear LogoHigh Gear Insurance are really going after the chauffeur insurance market having geared up their website to attract the UK’s limo and chauffeur car drivers.

Coming from humble beginnings the Cardiff based company have apparently tripled in size since their explosion onto the scene in 2013.

Company Director, Alex Drummond, is arguably the catalyst of this success, having spent many years working in the luxury chauffeur sector.

‘Knowing the industry inside out it was a natural progression for High Gear to expand into chauffeur car insurance. With limo drivers and people who own wedding cars notoriously paying over the odds to insure their pride and joy I wanted to offer these drivers a solution.

‘With the High Gear panel expanding every single day we are now an incredibly competitive option for chauffeur insurance and we will not stop until will become the one stop shop for all types of insurance policies.’

The company has experienced incredible growth in the taxi insurance market also, being supported by a number of industry officials.

taxi-129094_439x324In a recent article from insurance news platform Lady Motor a journalist honed in on their aggressive approach to online marketing, infamously dominating the search engine for all insurance related searches.

‘Having been in business for over a year they quickly defined their niche as a business, being the best option for taxi insurance and chauffeur insurance policies in the UK. Having such a great product to sell High Gear needed to make sure that taxi drivers would stumble across their website when looking for insurance online.’ said Lady Motor.

Let us know what you think, in the near future will we be turning to High Gear before comparison sites? Leave your comments below.

Ed Sheeran Has First Driving Lesson with Top Gear’s The Stig

Ed Sheeran has successfully made looking scruffy and being ginger cool over the years, being viewed as a God by much of the UK’s youngsters. Not only does he work the unconventional pop star look but also he has now made not having a driving license fashionable. How does he do it?

Where many women love a man with a nice car Ed Sheeran seems to do just well without one, having been rumoured to have spent personal time with both Taylor Swift as well as Ellie Goulding.

On the first episode of the new series of Top Gear the Lego House singer was placed in Top Gear’s reasonably priced car. On the show he revealed that this was the first time he has not only driven a car but even sat in a driving seat! With a stunned studio audience the red head explained that he thought it would be funny for his first driving lesson to be delivered by the Stig.

His lap was more than impressive with Sheeran providing the illusion that he knew exactly what he was doing.

Take a look at some pictures from the day!