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5 Luxury Rolls Royces to Hire

If you have had a little nose around our website, you will quickly learn that we are huge fans of Rolls Royces; cars that ooze with eccentricity. Being highly sought after, Rolls Royces make for the perfect cars to hire for special occasions. From weddings and proms to business trips and Christmas parties, there isn’t an event that a Roller can’t enhance.

So, if you are thinking of treating yourself to something special for an upcoming event, below are our top 5 Rolls Royces to consider.

Rolls Royce Phantom

The Rolls Royce Phantom is arguably the leader of the Rolls Royce pack; an iconic car that we at Cars for Stars just love. Being easy on the eye and traditional in style, it is no wonder the Rolls Royce is the most popular chauffeur car in the UK.

Rolls Royce Ghost

The Rolls Royce Ghost is slightly more boyish than the Phantom, being a tad more compact and arguably, modern.

Rolls Royce Wraith

The Wraith has recently been referred to as “the most powerful and dynamic Rolls-Royce in history”, with the latest model described as comfy and spacious; two qualities everyone wants in their chauffeur car.

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

Coming under the ‘classic’ category, the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud is just stunning, commonly used for weddings and proms. Created from April 1955 to March 1966, the car has a relaxing and traditional feel.

Rolls Royce Cullinan

The Cullinan is the first and only SUV to come from the British carmakers, being an SUV with luxury sewn throughout its tapestry. Dominating this niche market, the Cullinan is growing in popularity by the day.

Book your Roller

If you are thinking of hiring a Rolls Royce then be sure to explore our exquisite range today.

Need some extra support? If so, contact our friendly team at the office; individuals that can advise you on the best Rolls Royces to suits your needs and budget.


Bentley is Losing Out to Tesla

In an age where flash, powerful cars are being outshone by eco-friendly, sensible ones, many high-end vehicle brands are struggling to remain relevant amongst modern consumers. This is why companies such as Bentley have had no choice but to adapt, turning their gas-guzzling cars into an example of green transport and sustainability.

While doing all they can to alter shape in an age of change, it appears Bentley are still losing out to companies such as Porsche and Tesla; brands that have already stamped their name in the world of eco travel. In a plea to reign supreme once again, Bentley are pinning all their hopes on their new electric fleet, needing to see a huge improvement in sales figures.

In their opinion, new electric cars will allow them to target the “upper liberal” and “post-modern” consumers, aiming to outshine its German and American counterparts who are stealing their sales.

“[T]he two major demographic segments that we don’t currently sell to – the upper liberals and the post-moderns – account for 40 percent of high-net-worth individuals” Bentley’s CEO, Adrian Hallmark, told, “and an [electric vehicle] is even more appealing to them.”

“We see full-electric cars as another growth opportunity in a five- to 10-year period,” Hallmark continued.

While wanting to attract new car buyers and a younger demographic of thrill-seekers, recent research found that the majority of current Bentley customers are interested in buying an EV from the brand. This means Bentley finds themselves at a crossroads, needing to decide whether to nurture their current customers or create products for new, younger ones.

Let us know what you think about this. Can Bentley afford to spend many years developing an all-electric SV or is time of the essence for the brand? Leave your thoughts and comments below.

Manchester Pride bride travels in rainbow tram on her wedding day

When it comes to innovative wedding cars, we at Cars for Stars know our stuff. Enjoying nothing more than brides and grooms who experiment with their wedding transport, we were thrilled to see how one Manchester Bride got to the church last week. Getting married in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Pride, the bride wanted to make their mark on the city, wanting to travel to and from the wedding venue in a vehicle that caught everyone’s eye. Well, she did not fail.

Kat Mulhall and her partner, Aimee, wanted to really revel in the ‘Pride’ theme, believing the celebration for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex culture and pride to be a fitting day to have their lesbian wedding.

Chancing her arm, Kat contacted Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), asking to reserve a Metrolink carriage for her bride on their big day. Shocked when the answer was ‘yes’, the organisation went one better, providing the happy couple with a whole tram. Adorning the exterior with stunning rainbow paint, TfGM really surprised the wedding party, allowing them to take extraordinary pictures in their unique multi-coloured carriage. Having snaps inside the vehicle, alongside its driver and outside the tram, they inevitably saw the people of the city stop and stare.

Mrs Mulhall was incredibly overwhelmed when the tram arrived. Talking after the big day, she said:

“The whole tram was decorated and our names were on the outside.

“I would definitely recommend arriving at your wedding on a tram.

“And getting married on Pride weekend too. It’s been pretty hectic but fantastic. As a same-sex couple it’s making our own little statement about being able to make your own choices in life.”

What are your thoughts on arriving at you wedding in a rainbow tram? We would love to know!


Hertz mark 100th birthday with custom 2018 Chevy Corvette Z06

Hertz, one of the most recognised names in the world of vehicle hire, has this week announced details of a new car, welcoming a custom 2018 Chevy Corvette Z06 to its rental fleet. Renowned for adding lavish cars to its ever-growing collection, the brand invested in the Chevy to mark its 100th birthday; an accolade any company would want to celebrate in style.  

Black and yellow 

According to sources, the tremendous car will sport the Hertz colour scheme; black and yellow, being nothing but eye-catching when out on the road.  

Continuing this theme throughout the car, the inside will boast black leather interior with yellow contrast stitching, allowing those that hire them to be a constant promotion for Hertz. But, it’s not just good looks this car can offer, showcasing some pretty exciting features under the bonnet. While no additional performance upgrades will be included, the vehicle will enjoy 650 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque, expected to be much in-demand by the adrenaline-seekers of America.  

While an incredibly beautiful vehicle, British car hirers will unfortunately not get their hands on the Chevy. Commissioning just 100 of the Hertz-branded vehicles, they will only be available to hire at Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco and Tampa depots.  

“Hertz is a leader in the car rental industry for delivering a premium experience that is fueled by our longstanding commitment to provide our customers with caring and efficient service, and access to a variety of specialty and top-rated vehicles,” said Hertz Senior Vice President of Brand Jayesh Patel.

“We’re thrilled to continue to delight our customers and build upon our legacy of superior service and unique vehicle offerings with our special Hertz 100th Anniversary Edition Corvette Z06.”

How much will renting a 2018 Chevy Corvette Z06 cost?  

If you are looking to hire one of these custom vehicles then do not expect it to be cheap. Costing around $199 a day (excluding tax and insurance), these cars are understandably more expensive than your average hatchback.  

Let us know what you think, will Hertz get the interest they expect from these custom cars? We would love to hear your thoughts. Share your opinions by commenting on this post.  

Anything for Hire billboard logo

Disruptive tech startup ‘Anything for Hire’ enters the UK hire industry

A new, Cardiff based tech start-up, is aiming to follow in the footsteps of success stories like Uber and Airbnb, shaking up the UK hire industry with their innovative approach.

The process for hiring a service, whether a limousine for a night out or a bouncy castle for a children’s party has proven to be a tedious task, time and time again. With everyone constantly on the go, who really has the time to spend hours on the web searching for the best deals? And what are you to do when you find the perfect deal only to find that the service is fully booked or it’s not available for your chosen date?

This is where new marketplace, Anything for Hire comes in, aiming to follow in the footsteps of success stories like Uber and Airbnb, shaking up and revolutionising the UK hire industry with their innovative approach.

Anyting for HIre search

Founded by technology entrepreneur, Tej Randeva, the idea behind Anything for Hire was born when he noticed there was no easy way to compare different quotes from various hire companies during the hiring process. With 15 years experience in the hire and IT industry, Tej was able to identify a clear consumer need in this sector. He saw a lot of potential for a hire service that can bring you all the results in one place. Thus, Anything for Hire was founded.

Created by an experienced IT development team, they have worked extensively on new cutting-edge technology which aims to not only connect consumers to their chosen hire company but give them the freedom to look at different quotes, compare real-time prices and make big savings in the process.

As Anything for Hire continues to grow and change the way the hire industry works, there will be a growing number of people behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly.

Tej commented:

“The demand and prospects for anyone wanting to pursue a career in tech is sky high so we will constantly be looking for new talent we can bring onto the development team at Anything for Hire. We are planning to recruit a team of ambitious & motivated people to achieve some great results at our Cardiff HQ”.

It’s great news on the B2B end too, with exciting opportunities for localised businesses to reach an entirely new set of customers, along with a free, easy to use booking system. This will allow small businesses to become more efficient and responsive so consumers will no longer need to call to know the availability of their services.

So if you’re a hire business looking to expand to new territories or just someone looking to hire something for an event, we’re certain we can accommodate your every need.

– Website:

– Partner information:

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 11.13.46

David Hasselhoff calls in Cars for Stars for a lift to ‘This Morning’ interview

At Cars for stars we were delighted to chauffeur David Hasselhoff aka ‘The Hoff’ this morning; charmed to transport a true America legend. With the promotion of his latest show taking up the majority of his time it seemed he craved a spot of luxury during work hours, renting one of our stunning Lincoln Towncars limos for his appearance on ITV’s This Morning.

Arriving in true Hoff style the Baywatch star looked as slick as ever, exiting the white stretched limo with that famous cheeky grin on his face. With Lincoln infamously attracting attention when out on the road it was not long before paparazzi turned up, wanting to grab some snaps of the Hoff and his amazing ride.


Why did he choose a Lincoln Towncar?


Through the years The Hoff has sported various cars, renowned for his affiliation with bewildering makes and models.

We find that many of the celebrities we chauffeur favour this particular limo, finding its great reputation comforting when making a reservation with us. From its spacious inside to its striking exterior, it is safe to say that the Lincoln encompasses everything you could possibly need when looking to travel like the rich and famous.


Book a Lincoln 

If you are interested in living like David then be sure to take a look through our fleet of Lincoln Tonwcar limos. Although incredible vehicles your will be pleasantly surprised by our rates when making an enquiry, with our team passionate about sharing incredible cars for admirable rates.


Rolls Royce Unveil Plans For Sport Utility Vehicle

RROver the past decade the British carmakers have given us a whole line of beauties, introducing a new and improved Phantom, Ghost and Wraith. The company yesterday announced plans to craft a new super luxury sport-utility vehicle, a car that will either display a progression in design or juxtapose everything we think of when admiring the Rolls Royce.

Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes, the car maker’s chief executive, and Peter Schwarzenbauer, chairman, published an open letter stating they want to make ‘a new car that offers the luxury of a Rolls-Royce in a vehicle that can cross any terrain.’

The new Rolls-Royce will be ‘a high-bodied car with an all-new aluminium architecture’ built in Goodwood, already celebrated for adhering to modern requests.

With the industry now displaying an adherence to lighter, more eco-friendly vehicles it seems the venerable British car makers are moving with the times, aiming to create a beautifully classic car that speaks to the modern road user.

Mr. Oetvoes told British journalists last month that he had no doubts the SUV segment would continue to grow in global car markets.

‘For me the main question has always been, ‘Is it the right segment for Rolls-Royce, does Rolls-Royce fit into that segment, how will we look in the segment?’ he told the British daily The Telegraph.

The new Rolls-Royce SUV aims to revisit earlier RR models that “conveyed pioneers and adventurers like Lawrence of Arabia across the vastness of unexplored deserts and over mountain ranges,” Mr. Oetvoes and Mr. Schwarzenbauer said in their open letter.

What do you think, is there demand for such a vehicle or does it go against everything we know and love in the Rolls Royce? Leave your comments below.


Transport to Wembley – Johnstone’s Paint Trophy

010794373744900If you are looking to visit Wembley for the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy then we at Cars for Stars can help, having access to the best vehicles to get you to the stadium safely and in style.

Why choose us?

With over a decade of experience paired with an enviable collection of sporting transport methods we at Cars for Stars are the UK’s first choice for Wembley transport.

Choosing Cars for Stars grants you the freedom to explore Wembley after the game, allowing you to enjoy the occasion to the fullest.

Vehicles available

With the largest fleet of hire vehicles in the UK sporting fans are spoilt for choice when it comes to vehicle selection, catering to every type of Wembley trip. Whether you are a businessman in need of a chauffeur vehicle to get you and a partner to the stadium of a group of lads in need of a double decker coach, allow our team to get you a cheap rate for hire.

Our vehicle collection includes:

And much more.

To get a clearer picture of what Cars for Stars can offer visit our gallery. You will find images and descriptions of each vehicle, allowing you to visualise your journey to and from the game.

Get a quote

Contact us today and allow a member of the team to talk you through your options, arriving at a bespoke travel plan to make your Wembley experience one to remember.



Luxury Limo Crushed by Police for Being ‘Over-Pimped’

crushedAlthough modifying vehicles can influence better, enhanced features they must be within the guidelines of the law, ensuring their vehicle does not pose any threat to other road users.

The police deemed a stretched limousine operating in Liverpool illegal this week, with the owners adding a third axle to the already huge vehicle. Claiming the car to not meet UK safety laws the police had no choice but to crush the luxury limo, making a huge statement to the rest of the private hire industry.

In addition to the size the vehicle was operating outside the guidelines of its limo insurance policy, therefore, in the event of an accident there would have been a whole set of issues for the police to address.

Companies running commercial vehicles with eight seats or more must employ an operator’s licence to show that they meet safety rules. If this is not the case the DVSA and the police will call for action to be made.

Chief Inspector John Hogan, head of Merseyside Police’s Matrix Serious and Organised Crime Roads Policing Department, said: ‘The limousine and novelty vehicle industry has seen rapid growth in recent years and we want to see these legitimate businesses continue to thrive.’

‘However, those operating vehicles outside of the law put the safety of their passengers and other road users at risk, and create unfair competition for legitimately-run businesses.’

PC Craig Arnold, Merseyside Police’s Vehicle Crime & Commercial Unit said: ‘These illegal drivers and companies running outside of the law are preventing law-abiding, professional drivers and companies from growing their businesses.’

A Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), said: ‘DVSA is pleased to be working with the Merseyside Police and Liverpool City Council to help target non-compliant vehicles and drivers.’

‘It sends a clear message that robust action will be taken against those who flout the rules and risk the safety of passengers and other road users.’

Although we hate to see the demolition of such beautiful cars it does however convey how important it is for operators to practice lawfully.

If you are looking to hire a limo in Liverpool then have faith that all of our vehicles are fully licensed and meet safety guidelines.



Top 5 vehicles to get you to the Rugby World Cup 2015

Rugbyworldcup2015With the rugby season nearly upon us it is time to start thinking about how we are going to make our way to the prolific games ahead, needing to make sure we have everything in place to celebrate this glorious tournament devoid of stress.

As you know, at Cars for stars we have access to an amazing fleet of chauffeur cars, as well as offering many other transport services such as coach hire and private jet charter.

If you are a sporting fanatic them take a look at our top 5 vehicles for sports travel.

The Lincoln Towncar Limousine

Limousines make for the perfect transport option for rugby fans, providing the space for supporters to gear up for the game ahead. Due to such car’s spaciousness a limo can be an affordable travel solution, allowing up to 12 people to travel in one car.

Range Rover 

If you are attending the match with a few close friends then why not hire a Range Rover for the occasion? Not only are Range Rover’s immensely comfortable but they provide an enviably comfortable ride, allowing you to relax on the journey to the stadium.

Luxury Coach

Many choose to attend big matches with a large community of fans, requiring a vehicle that can occupy many people without breaking the bank. At Cars for Stars we have access to an amazing fleet of coaches, perfect for Rugby fans looking to celebrate their side in style.

Rolls Royce Phantom

The Rolls Royce Phantom is a vehicle synonymous with wealth, hired by those who want to celebrate an occasion to the utmost. If you are a die-hard rugby fan then hiring a Phantom can reflect how highly you regard the game, making the most of this sporting experience.

Lamborghini Aventador

If you really want to turn heads at the stadium then why not consider renting a supercar? We have an extensive range of performance vehicles available throughout the world cup period.

If you wish to hire any of these vehicles for the Rugby World Cup 2015 then contact us today. A member of the hire team will talk you through all of your options and arrive at the perfect transport plan for you and your group.