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Summer Holidays: Luxury Cars to Get you to the Airport

Summer has officially begun. This means most of us will now be focused on the highlight of the year; the annual summer holiday!

While renowned for being an exciting time, going on vacation comes with its own unique set of issues and irritations; getting to the airport being one of them.

This is why at Cars for Stars, we are helping holidaymakers travel to and from the airport in style, offering luxury car hire services to and from Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead, Bristol, Manchester and all other major UK airports.

Limo hire for airport transfers

If travelling with a large number of family members, colleagues or mates, you will require a sizeable vehicle to fit all of you and your luggage in. This is why limo hire may be worth considering, offering unlimited comfort, a whole load of legroom and the addition of luxury features such as teles, surround sound systems and disco lights.

Rolls Royce hire for airport transfers

If it is a unique transport experience you are after then hiring a Rolls Royce is a must. Whether looking at the Ghost, Phantom, Wraith or even the new Cullinan, a Rolls Royce can kick your trip off in a relaxing manner. Driven by a professional, courteous driver, hiring a Rolls Royce eliminates all the stresses that travelling comes with.

Supercar hire

In recent years, we have witnessed the increase in popularity of supercar hire, with us Brits wanting to mark important trips such as stag dos, birthday parties and honeymoons with thrilling journeys to and from the airport.

This is why at Cars for Stars we have extended our portfolio of supercars, now offering our customers great deals to hire all sorts of makes and models. From classic Ferraris to brand new Lamborghinis and everything in between, if it is extraordinary, stunning sports cars you are looking to hire, you are on the right website.

Reserve your cars today

Reserving luxury cars through Cars for Stars takes just a few seconds. Simply head over to our homepage and fill in the quick quote form. Then, you will be presented with a whole list of options to consider.

Alternatively, contact a member of our sales team via telephone.


X Factor Steph Woods Shines Bright Like a Diamond

We were very proud to chauffeur Steph Woods last week and are even happier to introduce her newest addition to her musical repertoire. She is defiantly one to look out for in the coming weeks and we for one are very excited to see what the future holds for a genuinely talented young British female. The charts are bursting with songs that compromise musical for ability, the industry is desperate for a star like Steph! Keep a look put for her new songs on her Youtube, Facebook and Twitter pages.


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Steph Woods from X Factor hitched a ride with Cars for Stars

Twice X Factor evictee, Steph Woods, is definitely one to look out for! Last week she posted a picture on Twitter sprawled inside one of our Rolls Royce Phantoms! Things are definitely looking up for Steph and Cars for Stars was thrilled to be a part of her journey.

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The young liverpudlian has had an epic musical adventure, especially when thinking back to her X Factor experiences. She first auditioned

for the ITV show at the very young of 14, back in 2007. Progressing all the way to judges houses, mentored by Sharon Osborne, her dream was then crushed. Claiming she was too young to handle the pressure, Sharon

regrettably decided to take her off the show.

Steph Woods returned to the show this year on learning of Sharon’s return to the judging panel. Having all her memories resurfaced she told that this would be her last shot at the X Factor, pulling on Sharon’s heartstrings throughout the series.


When her 2013 X Factor

voyage ended at boot camp the country was devastated to see the back of her, especially Mrs O.

The rock stars wife spilled out her emotions towards Steph on the show and continues to talk about her in the press. In an interview entitled ‘My X Factor Special Moment’ featured in Women & Home Magazine Sharon presented her emotions on the page.

“Every so often an act wanders in that reminds me why I love doing it”

Sharon talks of Steph’s return to the show after 6 years from seeing her.

‘Fast-forward six years and she turned up to audition again this year, it was such an incredible moment, really humbling.”

We can safely say that Cars for Stars was greatly honoured to work with an up and coming British star like Steph!


All-German Champion’s League Final looking likely

Uefa-Champions-LeagueWith just two matches left before the UEFA Champion’s League Final on May 25th, it’s going to be a tough couple of games for Real Madrid and Barcelona, who will both have to really pull their socks up if they’re going to make get a much-coveted place in the final. After having been beaten by Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich 4-1 and 4-0 respectively, both teams now have their work cut out if they don’t want to get knocked out. The first of the penultimate two matches (Real Madrid v Dortmund) kicks off tonight at 7:45pm from the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. After gaining one away goal in Germany, Real Madrid stand a slight chance of making a comeback, whereas the likelihood of Barcelona knocking out Bayern Munich at tomorrow’s game is nearly negligible.

So with an all-German final looking highly likely, thousands of Germans will be flocking to the capital for the big game, which is again being held in Wembley.

The luxury car hire industry goes through the roof during events like this, especially when two non-British teams reach the final of such a prestigious tournament, and it’s being held in Wembley. Public transport can be unreliable and hectic, overcrowded and inconvenient, so many turn to luxury car hire to get them to and from the stadium for the match, or to and from the airport.

Cars For Stars is the UK’s leading luxury car hire company, and covers everywhere in the UK. So if you’re one of the lucky fans going to cheer on your team at the Champion’s League Final 2013, have you considered hiring one of Cars For Stars’ chauffeur-driven vehicles to add that extra bit of luxury to your day? So call them today on 0844 567 9000 to book your swanky and dependable transport for the 25th May – the Champion’s League Final!


Limited edition Ferrari Enzo abandoned in Dubai as owner was in debt

A limited edition Ferrari Enzo, believed to be worth an eye watering £1 million, was left in a Dubai car park for 20 months after the owner ran up debts in unpaid traffic fines. The rare Ferrari was impounded by Dubai police last June after the supercar was found abandoned in a car park covered in dust.

The highly sought after Ferrari, one of only 399 in existence, will go on sale as part of a police auction in the Middle East this week along with 23 other luxury vehicles. In addition to the Ferrari Enzo, other high end cars due to be auctioned off by the authorities this week include three other Ferraris, seven Porsche sports cars, a number of BMW, Mercedes and Dodge vehicles amongst others.

It’s understood that the owner of the supercar cut his or her losses and fled the country without the vehicle after running up debts in unpaid traffic fines on the vehicle. Abandoning vehicles, even high end luxury cars such as the rare Ferrari, is not uncommon in Dubai as it is illegal to be in debt in the country. As a result, many expats choose to skip the country and avoid jail or prosecution.

The Ferrari Enzo is thought to be the most expensive vehicle ever to be put up for auction by the authorities. As one of the top 10 fastest road cars in the world, with a 0-60mph rate of 3.4 seconds, there’s a high chance this supercar with spark a bidding war when it goes under the hammer this week.


New Chauffeur programme offered by Volvo

Car manufacturer, Volvo, have just unveiled the details of their brand new chauffeur programme which they hope will enable them to further enhance their share of the chauffeur market.

The most appealing aspect to the newly introduced Chauffeur Package from Volvo is the 3 year 120,000 miles extended warranty, exclusively offered to chauffeur and professional private hire customers. The generous mileage allowance takes into account the many miles chauffeurs need to cover as part of their job.

In addition to the extended warranty, Volvo are also offering free metallic paint on every chauffeur car ordered, along with a range of finance options making a new Volvo model an attainable and highly appealing offer for chauffeurs. For example, the new Volvo S80 is being offered on a business contract hire basis from as little as £369 plus VAT a month, which is an extremely attractive offer for professional private hire drivers.

The most popular Volvo models for use as professional chauffeur cars are the S80 and the V70 as these models offer a range of benefits which would appeal to chauffeur clients especially. These Volvo models have extended rear leg room, larger than average boots, and superior onboard comfort features making the S80 and the V70 ideal for use as chauffeur cars.

Volvo also have plans in the pipeline to introduce the hybrid plug-in V60 model which would offer reduced CO2 emissions and increased fuel efficiency which would be especially beneficial to potential chauffeur customers.


Young driver who clipped Rolls Royce in China facing financial nightmare

A 21-year-old chef from China is facing potential financial ruin after he crashed into a parked Rolls Royce Phantom causing $158,000 worth of damage which the low earning chef is unable to pay for. The stunning white Rolls Royce Phantom was reportedly parked on the side of the road close to Lukou International Airport where it was used to chauffeur VIP visitors to and from the airport.

According to reports, the driver swerved slightly over the road while driving on the motorway, and clipped the front of the luxury car’s grill, smashing side of the bumper completely. The state of the art Rolls Royce, which is estimated to be worth $1.9 million, will now need extensive repairs costing in the region of $158,000 following the collision.

Because the 21-year-old driver admitted that he was to blame for the accident, his insurance will not pay out to cover the repair bill for the Rolls Royce. The young driver, who was travelling in the opposite direction to the parked Rolls Royce when he clipped the bonnet, telephoned his family as soon as the collision happened. However his family say they wouldn’t be able to cover the repair bill even if they sold everything they had, including their house.

Left with no other option, the driver is now planning to address the company owners of the Rolls Royce to plead his case and attempt to reach an agreement on how the repair bill will be met.


Car rental giant to offer electric Nissan Leaf for hire in London and Paris

Car hire giant, Europcar, are set to introduce the award-winning Nissan Leaf all electric powered car to their fleets in London and Paris as part of a 3-month trial. If successful, the 0% emissions hire car could be included in its hire fleets in other parts of Europe.

The Nissan Leaf, which was named 2011 World and Europe Car of the Year, is due to be launched by Europcar this month, although an exact launch date is yet to be announced.

While the all-electric powered car is the same as a normal car to drive, the car hire provider will ensure each and every customer is given a full briefing and demonstration by a Europcar employee before getting behind the wheel. Most importantly, the customer will be instructed on how to read the battery gauge accurately to ensure they don’t run out of range during their hire.

The Nissan Leaf has a battery range of 110 miles, and will only be available for daily hire during the 3-month Europcar trial in London and Paris.

One person who will certainly be hoping the new electric hire cars becomes a permanent feature in the Europcar fleet will be London mayor Boris Johnson who is planning to make London the electric car capital of Europe.


Mercedes chauffeur driven airport transfers for Emirates passengers

Air travel provider, Emirates, have updated their fleet of chauffeur cars used for airport transfers for First Class passengers as part of the airline’s latest venture to further enhance the travel experience of its customers.

The introduction of 46 new Mercedes Benz E200 vehicles to the Emirates fleet is designed to help improve the airline’s overall customer travel package. The latest Mercedes chauffeur cars will be reserved for transporting passengers flying First Class with Emirates, while the airline’s existing fleet of Volvo chauffeur cars will continue to be used to transport those flying Business Class with Emirates.

Airport transfers in chauffeured cars are available for First Class and Business Class Emirates customers travelling either to or from Emirates terminal 3 Dubai Airport. Travel is available throughout the United Arab Emirates with the flexibility to book a chauffeur driven airport transfers up to 12 hours before a flight for First Class Customer, and up to 24 hours in advance for Business Class travellers.

In addition to the new Mercedes chauffeur cars recently added to the Emirates fleet, other benefits for travellers flying with Emirates is the choice of 30 dedicated lounges across the Emirates networks. Emirates hope to offer a stress-free travel experience for their First Class and Business Class customers, offering a premium-door-to-door service which incorporates ground transportation as well as air travel.


Specialist local car rental provider launches website in UK

A car hire provider specialising in listings of local and independent car rental operators, has launched in the UK for the very first time. has been introduced in the North East of England as part of a pilot scheme where it has already recruited 30 local vehicle hire companies offering more than 2000 vehicles for hire in total. was first introduced in Latvia in 2010 where the model proved very successful with car hire consumers. The website succeeded in attracting 70% of Latvia’s car hire providers to its website, helping to offer customers a wide range of car hire operators all in one place.

While global brands offering consumers the opportunity to compare car hire prices across a wide range of providers are proving very popular with car hire consumers, believes there is a gap in the market for a comparison site which focuses on local and independent car hire operators in specific areas. insist that local providers are often able to offer flexibility in terms of an increased choice of pick up and drop off locations, also more affordable deals and cheaper hire options for younger drivers. As well as offering great benefits to the customer, believes their website will also provide a boost to local businesses.

The specialist local and independent car hire broker believes it has the capability to revolutionise the UK’s car hire market with its easy to use website offering the pick of the best local car hire deals.