Australian celebrity medical entrepreneur, Geoffrey Edelsten, has reported a theft at his property and the items stolen include supercars worth a staggering A$1.3 million. The celebrity doctor, and former owner of Australian football club Sydney Swans, reported the theft of two supercars and a BMW at his Exhibition Street luxury apartment block in Melbourne.

The Australian doctor who is well known for his penchant for expensive cars reported a black and gold Lamborghini Aventador, a blue Mercedes SLS “Gullwing”, and a turbocharged BMW 335i missing from his high-security car park. The A$750,000 Lamborghini and the A$500,000 “Gullwing” are two of the most expensive and rarest cars in Australia. The A$100,000 BMW is believed to belong to Dr Edelsten’s wife, Brynne.

The extent of how rare these cars are can be demonstrated by taking into account that Lamborghini has only sold 24 cars this year while only 12 “Gullwings” have been sold in Australia in 2012. The “Gullwing” famous for the manner in which its doors open – upwards above the car’s roof – is one of the most powerful cars in the world.

The automotive theft, reported on Sunday 3 June, is blamed on a security breach that allowed the thieves to make off with Dr Edelsten’s prized possessions. It is believed that the theft was carried out over two days.

Police have since then recovered the Lamborghini and are confident of finding the other two cars. Speaking to Australian newspaper The Herald Sun, Dr Edelsten said: “Naturally, I am most distressed but pleased that the police have recovered one vehicle, and are confident of retrieving the other two.”

The society doctor’s love for expensive cars translates into a stable of powerful engines worth more than A$6 million. The star-studded automobile line-up includes two Bentleys, two Ferraris, two Chevrolet Corvettes, two other Lamborghinis, a Maserati, two more Mercedes and a Rolls Royce Phantom, the most expensive car on sale in Australia with prices starting at more than A$1 million.

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