A former chauffeur to Heather Mills was in court this week after he was caught using a photocopy of the 43-year-old celebrity’s disabled parking badge on a recent shopping trip.

65-year-old chauffeur Stewart Simonson claimed he had photocopied the Blue Badge belonging to Heather Mills with her knowledge as she often forgot to carry the parking badge with her, and so he had a copy for the purposes of convenience.

However on the day in question, Mr Simonson had displayed the Blue Badge on his own car while parked on a yellow line. When Traffic Wardens inspected the badge, the recognised the image on the back as someone famous, which was later identified as Heather Mills, the ex-wife of Beetle Sir Paul McCartney.

The chauffeur admitted that the blue badge was a copy of the original held by Heather Mills. Ms Mills is eligible to have a disabled parking badge as she lost a leg in a road traffic accident in 1993, however there was no suggestion that the mother-of-one was aware that her former chauffeur was using the photocopy of her Blue Badge.

The 65-year-old private hire driver revealed that he suffered with severe arthritis which resulted in him having to retire 6 months ago, Mr Simonson added that he had also applied for his own Blue Badge due to his condition.

In court this week Mr Simonson pleaded guilty to using the Blue badge illegally 6 months after leaving the employment of Heather Mills. He was ordered to pay £650 in fines and costs as a result.

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