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Hertz car hire plans to launch more off-airport rental centres

Car Hire Company Hertz say they are focusing their attentions on opening more off-airport rental centres as this area has benefitted from an increase in revenue is the last year.

Hertz predict that their revenue from non-airport based outlets will reach $1 billion from this year alone. If they achieve this figure, it was will be an increase of $100 million compared to 2009.

In order to boost this avenue of income further, Hertz have revealed they plan to open a further 60 new off-airport rental centres by the end of 2010, bringing their total of new non-airport bases this year to 250.

The emphasis on off-airport locations will bring Hertz into direct competition with another leading vehicle rental company, Enterprise.

Although a high percentage of car rental business is generated from airport based outlets, with the recent decline in air travel, many companies are focusing on other areas of the car rental market to keep revenue up.

Non-airport centres are often popular with customers looking to hire a vehicle as a courtesy car while their own vehicle is being repaired, or for corporate clients who maybe travelling around the country on business, or holidaymakers looking to hire a vehicle for leisure purposes.

This area has seen healthy growth in recent times, which Hertz is planning to capitalise on by investing in more non-airport rental centres in the coming year.


BMW introduce hourly car hire scheme

BMW look set to join the car hire market with news they are about to introduce an hourly car rental scheme in Munich.

The luxury car maker is planning to debut the new car hire system close to the company’s head quarters in Munich. BMW will offer a range of its top vehicles for hire in the city, all of which are available to hire by the hour.

BMW’s decision to introduce a car hire scheme comes as statistics show that more and more people are opting to hire cars, instead of owning them. With the current economic climate, many people are choosing to a hire a car for the times when they need their own transport, in order to save on the cost of running a car of their own.

Daimler have already introduced a similar scheme, Car2Go, which offers Peugeots and Smart Cars for hire on a short term basis. Known as the Mu scheme, the system is in the process of expanding across Europe.

For just €16 an hour, customers can hire a 1 Series Compact from the luxury car manufacturer, and for €32 an hour you can drive away in a 7 Series Sedan BMW. The scheme offers consumers the opportunity to hire top class vehicles for special occasion such as weddings and birthdays at a reasonable rate, as well as providing clients visiting the city on business the freedom to get about in their own high quality vehicle.


Porsche to introduce a hybrid version of each of their models

The development chief at Porsche has revealed the luxury car maker’s plans to offer a hybrid version of each of the company’s models.

The announcement comes after the renowned car manufacturer revealed its first ever eco-friendly vehicle, the Porsche Cayenne Hybrid, earlier this year. It’s believed the Porsche Panamera Hybrid will join the Cayenne and will be available for sale sometime next year, after which a 918 Spyder hybrid model is planned for 3-4 years time.

The green Panamera will have full electric driving ability and will provide up to 6km of fuel-free driving, according the development officer at Porsche, Wolfgang Duerheimer.

Porsche’s commitment to offering drivers a hybrid version of each of their models extends as far as their most sporty vehicles. In the future, the luxury car maker plans to offer both its Boxster and 911 models with hybrid engines.

The move to introduce more eco-cars comes after the European Union issued Porsche with a fleet emission restriction with a reduced target of emissions which must to be achieved by 2015. In order to meet the emissions target set by the EU, Porsche have had to come up with new ways to create their world renowned vehicles, in a more environmentally friendly way.

In some cases Porsche will have to reduce the size of the engines used in some of their vehicles, however the company stress that this will not be done to detriment car’s performance, as this is Porsche’s main priority.


German scientist creates car that acts as its own chauffeur

Scientists in Germany have designed a car which drives itself, making it the second self-driving car concept to be revealed this month after we brought you news last week that Google are working on a similar project in California.

Germany’s self-driving car, known as the MIG (Made In Germany) was masterminded by computer scientist Raul Rojas and created along with his team at Berlin’s Free University.

The inconvenience of forgetting where you parked your car will become a thing of the past thanks to the new technology used in the design of the MIG. Using an iPad or smartphone, the new design car will track the signal using its inbuilt GPS system to locate where the call is being made from. The car’s computer then plans a route, and provides the caller with an estimated time of arrival.

The autonomous car works by creating a 3D image of its surroundings which allows it to navigate around other road users and objects. The car is fitted with sensors to detect objects to avoid collisions. According to the makers of the MIG, it has been equipped with the artificial intelligence to adhere to the Highway Code enabling it to give way to traffic, for example. It’s also able to navigate traffic lights independently.

The car’s self-driving system can be overridden via the iPad which can be used to turn the technology off and enable it to be driven by a human. Mobile devices can be used to link up to the car’s electronic system creating a remote control access to the car’s system.

It’s not known when, or even if, this kind of self-chauffeuring car will be available for legal use on roads. It’s believed further trials will be needed and also changes in the law before the self-driving car can become a reality.


Chauffeur warns of travellers’ cheques scam

A self-employed chauffeur from Aberdeen has come forward to warn other drivers about a fake travellers’ cheques scam which would have cost his bank thousands of pounds.

David Craig advertises his chauffeur services on online, and was contacted by a potential customer via the driving site. Using the name Kelvin Moore, the man stated he would like to employ Mr Craig as his chauffeur while he was visiting Aberdeen for research purposes from Nigeria.

The customer then offered to pay the 66-year-old chauffeur an advance payment of £300 and sent over three travellers’ cheques, worth €1,500. However Mr Craig became suspicious when the customer then asked for him to cash the cheques at a Western Union branch, take out his share for his chauffeur services, and transfer the rest of the money back to him to pay for “airport fees.”

Suspecting there was something amiss, the chauffeur took the cheques to the bank where they discovered they were indeed fake. However the bank believe the cheques stood a high chance of being cashed at a Western Union branch, and should this have happened, the bank would have been thousands of pounds out of pocket.

The chauffeur from Aberdeen decided to come forward with his story to warn other chauffeur who could well find themselves in a similar position.

The incident has been reported to the police. They believe Mr Craig could be one of thousands of people in the UK who are targeted by Nigerian gangs to have money sent out to them through the use of forged cheques.


Luxurious limo hire offers available for city breaks in Edinburgh

Whether you’re planning a night out to celebrate a hen or stag party, a shopping spree with friends, or a weekend away with a loved one, Edinburgh is a great city to visit as it has a raft of superb attractions to offer with something to suit every occasion.

Cars for Stars is offering a range of low cost deals on limo hire in Edinburgh so now you can see all the beautiful Scottish capital has to offer from the comfort of your own chauffeur driven limousine.

With a wide range of top of the range limousines to choose from, including sleek black Lincoln Town Cars, pink hummer limos, and the elegant Rolls Royce Phantom, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the right limo for your big event.

Cars for Stars is offering affordable limo hire all over the Edinburgh area, so whether you require a chauffeur driven limo to transport you to your wedding in Newhaven, a birthday bash in Dalkeith, an anniversary celebration in Craigleith, or a corporate event in Livingston, or a function in Musselburgh, you won’t find a better deal anywhere else.

If you’re visiting Edinburgh for the very first time you’ll be amazed by the number of great things there are to see and do in the city. If you’re looking for a great night out, check out the many bars at clubs in the Grassmarket or Cowgate area of the city. For a shopping spree to remember, head to Princes Street, and to get a taste of Edinburgh’s rich history take a stroll down the Royal Mile and visit the majestic Edinburgh Castle.

With the largest fleet of top class limos to choose from for your special occasion in Edinburgh, all of which are available at unbeatable rates, you won’t fail to have a limo hire trip to remember when you enlist the expert services of Cars for Stars. Get in touch now to receive a free quote.


Advantage car hire reveals US expansion plans

Advantage rent-a-car has revealed their US expansion plans for the first time. The budget car rental company, which is owned by the larger and better known vehicle rental firm Hertz, is planning to open outlets in 4 different locations in the US in the coming months.

All of the new car hire branches will be conveniently located close to airports. The first batch of new outlets are planned for Milwaukee, Louisville, Boston and Dallas.

Advantage plan to continue their development plans throughout following year by opening new car rental bases in 6 different locations across the country including two in Las Vegas, one in Tampa, Charlotte, Providence and Raleigh Durham which will bring the company’s total number of branches in the US to 44.

The bosses at Advantage believe the car rental firm is growing in popularity as it offers an affordable car hire service targeting customers with a small to moderate budget for car hire. Advantage also benefits from a strong online presence which is especially important as recent statistics have revealed that the majority of car rental customers now make reservations online.

Advantage rent-a-car has shown encouraging growth in recent times as it now boasts car rental outlets across the US, and also in the UK and selected parts of Europe.

The Chauffeur-Lite service is a growing trend in Orange County

The new Chauffeur-Lite service is proving a big hit with by social customers and  business clientele in Orange County in the US.

The service offers private hire customers in the South California area the opportunity to acquire chauffeur driven transportation at a fraction of the cost. The service works in much the same way as a taxi, whereby on-call chauffeurs await a call and travel to customer’s collection point, but they are then chauffeured in their own vehicle as opposed to a limo owned by the company.

The practice enables to offer ultra low rates for chauffeur hire services with rates starting from $30 per hour for a driver, although a minimum hire period of 3 hours does apply on most nights.

The chauffeur programme is certainly proving popular with the people of Orange County as has reportedly doubled its revenue in the last 12 months. Chauffeur-Lite offers a more affordable private hire option compared to the traditional chauffeur and limo hire package which is particularly appealing during this time of economic uncertainty. also believes a tightening on drink drive laws have also a knock-on effect on their business as fewer people are tempted to risk driving after a glass or two of wine, and so instead, opt for the sensible option of a chauffeur on their nights out.


Rise in car hire bookings

According to recent statistics collected by the last 12 months has seen an increase in the number of people taking out car hire services. The news is particularly encouraging as the car rental industry was braced for a difficult year in light of the current economic downturn.

The study used figures taken from the peak summer holiday season, namely July and August 2009 and 2010. The results showed that despite a 9% rise in the cost of car hire during this period, more people chose to hire a rental vehicle when compared to the previous year.

The rise in car hire rates has been caused partly by the banks. With banks feeling reluctant to lend to businesses, some car hire companies are struggling with funding which has pushed up the cost of hire for rental customers.

The tourism industry was bracing itself for a tough couple of years as the credit crunch and the after affects continued to be felt across the UK and Europe. However research has found that people have not stopped taking vacations, but they have changed the way they holiday. Fewer holidaymakers are choosing to fly to their destination, many instead opting for travel by ferry or car hire in order to cut down costs.

The Managing Director at says that the importance of finding an affordable deal on car hire has never been greater which means price comparison websites are becoming increasingly popular as holidaymakers attempt to hunt down the cheapest deal possible for travel.

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Cars for Stars targets the executive chauffeur hire market

Cars for Stars is aiming to tackle the executive chauffeur hire business head on with the introduction of a network of highly trained chauffeurs and a fleet of newly released vehicles from luxurious car manufacturers.

Since coming under new management this summer, the new team at Cars for Stars have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to revamp the company by recruiting award-winning chauffeurs to join the company, performing a complete overhaul of the firm’s online services, and sourcing the very latest top quality vehicles so as to offer clients the very best chauffeur cars.

Cars for Stars has its sights firmly set on the high end of the chauffeur hire market. With a highly trained team of professional chauffeurs, sales operatives and customer services staff in place, plus the addition of a fleet of impeccable chauffeur vehicles, Cars for Stars is ready to take the industry by storm.

Demand for service is already growing, and Cars for Stars are continually on the lookout for outstanding chauffeurs and luxury transport provider to join their team. If you would like to discuss the business opportunities on offer at Cars for Stars, please get in touch by completing the enquiry form on the following link

As a nationwide operator, Cars for Stars offers top class chauffeur driven car hire services all over the UK. Whether you require a luxurious chauffeur driven car to transport you to a red carpet event in London, a corporate function in Edinburgh, to transport important clients in Manchester, or for transfer to Heathrow airport, Cars for Stars can offer a service which is nothing short of flawless.