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UK Chauffeur Driven Limousine Hire Services available anywhere in the UK from Cars for Stars&#65

White Lincoln Stretched Limousine

By far and away, this is the most popular limousine in the UK and of course, the principal stretched limousines used in the United States.

White Lincoln Stretched Limousine

Black Lincoln Stretched Limousine

Once again, the Lincoln limousine is the staple diet of the limousine industry, but for those that want something a little more corporate of business like, then the black Lincoln stretched limousine is a real winner and head turner.

Black Lincoln Stretched Limousine

Blue Lincoln Stretched Limousine

If you are looking for something that looks classy and is virtually guaranteed to be 'one of a kind' then our metallic blue Lincoln stretched limousine should be perfect for you. This is a favourite for weddings and we only have one, so don't leave it it chance.

Metallic Blue Lincoln Stretched Limousine

Pink Lincoln Stretched Limousine

Most pink limousines started their life as a white or black limo and when they started to look a little tired, in to the body shop they go and out comes a pink limousine. This one is different, it is a 2006 limousine in pink, so you really can have the best and pink!

Pink Lincoln Stretched Limousine

White Chrysler Limousine

The white Chrysler 300 stretched limousine is in a class of its own. It offers presence and style. Perfect for weddings, proms, celebrations and business events. White is still our most popular colour by a long way and the Chrysler ensures that you command attention when you arrive.

White Chrysler 300 Stretched Limousine

Black Chrysler Limousine

Business or pleasure. Our black Chrysler is equally at home, creating a commanding presence which just shouts out 'I have arrived'.

Black Chrysler 300 Stretched Limousine

Silver Chrysler Limousine

Without doubt this is our most popular choice, the silver Chrysler limousine never looks out of place, whether it is for a wedding anniversary, corporate event or celebration. Equally at home with business and leisure hires.

Silver Chrysler 300 Stretched Limousine

Vanilla White Chrysler Limousine

The Chrysler 'Hemi' is the top of the range limousine which comes with a massive 5.7ltr V8 engine. So this vanilla white limousine really is a sheep in lambs clothing. For the girls, this limo is better than pink and for the boys, they know there is sheer power under that bonnet. A great combination.

Vanilla White Chrysler 300 Stretched Limousine

Black/Silver Chrysler Limousine

The Chrysler limousine maybe the new boy on the block, but this stunning limo with silver over black paintwork has to be seen to be believed. This is truly an all event vehicle given it will never look out of place.

Silver and Black Chrysler 300 Stretched Limousine

Candy Apple Chrysler Limousine

There are not many limousine that look like this anywhere in the world, which is why it creates so much attention. This stunning candy apple red Chrysler limousine really does look the business!

Candy Apple Red Chrysler 300 Stretched Limousine

Black Hummer Limousine

The Hummer Limousine in black looks mean and stylish all at the same time. It has a commanding presence, yet it looks and feels safe. Whether you want more room, or you just like big limousine, the black hummer is a good choice.

Black Hummer Stretched Limousine

Candy Apple Hummer Limousine

In case you were wondering the lights on the Candy Apple Red Hummer limousine are not just special effects to enhance the picture. No, this rare Hummer limousine has had a £10k lighting upgrade, there is nothing like it and everyone wants it!

Candy Apple Red Hummer Stretched Limousine

Silver/White Hummer Limousine

If you can't make you mind up between and white or a silver Hummer limousine, why not have both. This stunning Hummers is painted white over silver, providing a visual delight. Perfect for any occasion.

White and Silver Hummer Stretched Limousine

Oh yes, we supply chauffeur cars as well.....!

Jaguar LWB - Chauffeur Driven Car

All of these vehicles are owned and operated by Cars for Stars. We have only shown images on one limousine of each colour, however, we own and operate many more limousine than those shown, but these are from different coachbuilders, therefore specifications may vary. If you ask for a quote, we will provide you with a link, which contains images of the actual limousine we have in mind for you, so that can make you won judgement. These images include interior shots.

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