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Music producer, Rui Furtado wins sponsorship deal with Cars for Stars

Cars for Stars proudly sponsors up and coming music producer Rui Furtado

Cars for Stars is the proud sponsor of rising star and talented electronic music producer, Rui Furtado. Cars for Stars is committed to supporting up and coming artists who we believe will become stars of the future and 26-year-old music maker Rui from Cardiff, is a prime example of this. With the financial backing from Cars for Stars, Rui has succeeded in shooting his very first professional music video which will support the release of his debut single, Regression.

As a company, the image of Cars for Stars is associated with glamour and luxury as we aim to make every one of our customers feel like a VIP whenever they travel with us. Building on our association with stars and glamour, Cars for Stars has taken the bold approach of actively seeking stars of the future, providing them with the tools to help them achieve their potential and showcase their work.

This is exactly what Cars for Stars has done for Rui Furtado. The talented 26-year-old, originally from Lisbon in Portugal but now based in Cardiff, South Wales, has been making music for several years. While working as a sale executive for Cars for Stars, Rui approached the companyís Managing Director, Tej Randeva, with a sample tape of his music and asked whether the business would be interested in sponsoring him, enabling the ambitious music maker to take his music to the next level.

Ruiís passion and talent is obvious to see, and so Cars for Stars boss Tej agreed to provide financial backing to enable Rui to shoot his first music video and also have a professional website created along with social media pages to help build an online profile and get Ruiís music heard online.

Rui Furtadoís debut single and accompanying music video, Regression, is due for release this summer thanks to the support provided by Cars for Stars. For more information on Rui and to sample his music, log onto

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