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More-550(1)Many important figures such as politicians are known for their executive style, oozing with sophistication and class. However, we are seeing more and more public figures breaking the mold.

One Zimbabwean politician has certainly done that, renowned for his collection of amazingly unusual vehicles. Chiyangwa has been subject to much criticism as a result of his latest purchase, spending a whopping half a million dollars on a monster limousine.

Although we at Cars for Stars think it is incredible it seems that the people of Zimbabwe want their politician to not be so showy, appearing to have hit a nerve with the politician.

“If I have knocked out a bank the police will come after me. No one is stopping you from making your own money,” he said.

“How many years have I been driving nice cars to then stop now; under whose instructions? And whose money am I using, is it public funds?

“Why shouldn’t I celebrate? You should not forget that I’m a businessman first and a politician second.Chiyangwa-Tsivo-Merc-new

“I don’t work for the country, I work for myself and my family first and those who work for me; you understand?

Although many comments may be made through jealously Chiyangwa still feels the need to defend himself and his purchases, focusing on the fact that he works hard for his country and his money.

“This (public show of wealth) shows you that this politician is working and I have no apologies to make.

“I’m living my life … this car probably cost me more than half a million dollars … and this is just a transformer – I have also acquired a jet,” Chiyangwa told.

“This is the first of its kind … and the last one; they (manufacturers) only made this one.”

Asked when he would take delivery of the plane, Chiyangwa said: “When you see it you will see it, just as I did not announce the arrival of the Transformer and the Mercedes GL63 AMG.

“I don’t stop my friend; I had a big party where I celebrated my birthday and I am making money; this (the car) is the sign of it.

“I am not going to wait and Zimbabweans must know that this guy ain’t waiting. We must stop waiting; waiting for who?”

Let s know what you think; is this attitude refreshing or offensive? Leave your comments below.

Also, take a look at the video of his incredible new limo.



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