A retired businessman has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds creating what he hopes will be the wackiest Rolls Royce Phantom ever.

The luxury motor, which has been described as the most highly modified Phantom in the world, has just arrived at the millionaire’s home in Marbella, Spain after undergoing an epic makeover at the hands of a leading car designer in the UK.

62-year-old Robert Allan purchased the Rolls Royce Phantom for £200,000 in silver before employing the expertise of London based car dealer SuperVettura and designer Pablo Rabiella to customise the vehicle.

The unique Phantom was completely stripped down before having 18 layers of paint applied in the three different colours of purple, white and yellow. The interior of the top of the range limo was also transformed with the use of 24 cowhides and also copious amounts of gold. The overall effect is bold and in your face, and guaranteed to prompt a reaction.

The ex-pat has owned a number of customised luxury vehicles in the past, however he wanted to push the boat out with his latest project. The car’s makeover cost the British born businessman in the region of £200,000 to complete however he says it was worth every penny as he wanted to create something which had never been seen before.

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