Since the news broke of Limo Broker’s secret project and plans to create the world’s first Audi R8 Limo, the news has spread around the world, with plans for the supercar even being featured in high profile American magazine, Forbes.

While the press coverage for the new Audi R8 limo has gone into overdrive, the exclusive YouTube video which showcases the plans for the finished design of the never-seen-before supercar has also been inundated with views, with the online video racking up just shy of 37,000 hits in a week.

The finished Audi R8 Limo will become the signature car for the UK’s leading limousine hire provider, Limo Broker, who are working in conjunction with Carbonyte UK, the creators of the world’s only Ferrari limo, to create this unique stretch limo. The winner of the Miss Limo beauty pageant 2012, Gemma Roberts from the Vale of Glamorgan, has been confirmed as the glamorous face of the Audi R8 limo.

Limo Broker Managing Director, Tej Randeva, said he is,

“Overwhelmed by the response to the Audi R8 Limo, we weren’t expecting news of our project to go global in the way it has, with the likes of Forbes magazine featuring our Audi R8 limo design on their pages” 30-year-old Tej added;

“the feedback we’re getting on the design has been extremely positive, and it’s certainly spurred us at Limo Broker, and the guys at Carbonyte UK, to make sure the finished limo is extra special and a supercar that will hold its own on the world stage.”

The Audi R8 limo had an initial completion date of late summer 2012, however due to the overwhelming response from the press and the public over the new design, Limo Broker and Carbonyte UK have pushed the finish forward and are now hoping to unveil the completed limousine in 3-4 months time, just in time for the peak wedding hire and school prom season.

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