Luxury car maker, Porsche, have announced plans to create a special edition model to mark the 60th anniversary of the Porsche Car Club which was launched in May 1952. In homage to 13 members in Germany that set up the first ever Porsche Club, just 13 units of this special edition Porsche will be created, with car club members being entered into a ballot to win the chance to purchase one of the specially created models.

Only 12 of the 13 models will be available for Porsche club members to purchase as one vehicle is being held back by the luxury car maker to go on display at the Porsche Museum. All Porsche club members can put their name in the hat for the chance to buy one of the 12 available 911 Club Coupé models, although the prize draw is not open to club members living in Asia or India.

If your name is chosen as one of the 12, you will have the opportunity to buy one of these rare special edition Porsche models which have a starting price of €142,831 plus VAT.

The Porsche Club Coupé will be based on the Carrera S Porsche and will feature Brewster Green paintwork and colour match 20 inch wheels. A power kit upgrade will also be made available to the 12 owners of the special edition Porsche sports cars to up the vehicles power to 430bhp. A number of special touches will be added to these sought after Porsche sports cars including a switch panel strip which with the wording, “911 Club Coupé – personally built for…” followed by the name of the lucky owner.

The ballot is open to members of the Porsche Club which is inviting members to register their interest now.

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