crushedAlthough modifying vehicles can influence better, enhanced features they must be within the guidelines of the law, ensuring their vehicle does not pose any threat to other road users.

The police deemed a stretched limousine operating in Liverpool illegal this week, with the owners adding a third axle to the already huge vehicle. Claiming the car to not meet UK safety laws the police had no choice but to crush the luxury limo, making a huge statement to the rest of the private hire industry.

In addition to the size the vehicle was operating outside the guidelines of its limo insurance policy, therefore, in the event of an accident there would have been a whole set of issues for the police to address.

Companies running commercial vehicles with eight seats or more must employ an operator’s licence to show that they meet safety rules. If this is not the case the DVSA and the police will call for action to be made.

Chief Inspector John Hogan, head of Merseyside Police’s Matrix Serious and Organised Crime Roads Policing Department, said: ‘The limousine and novelty vehicle industry has seen rapid growth in recent years and we want to see these legitimate businesses continue to thrive.’

‘However, those operating vehicles outside of the law put the safety of their passengers and other road users at risk, and create unfair competition for legitimately-run businesses.’

PC Craig Arnold, Merseyside Police’s Vehicle Crime & Commercial Unit said: ‘These illegal drivers and companies running outside of the law are preventing law-abiding, professional drivers and companies from growing their businesses.’

A Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), said: ‘DVSA is pleased to be working with the Merseyside Police and Liverpool City Council to help target non-compliant vehicles and drivers.’

‘It sends a clear message that robust action will be taken against those who flout the rules and risk the safety of passengers and other road users.’

Although we hate to see the demolition of such beautiful cars it does however convey how important it is for operators to practice lawfully.

If you are looking to hire a limo in Liverpool then have faith that all of our vehicles are fully licensed and meet safety guidelines.