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RR-KKLimousines are undoubtedly the most luxurious vehicle types, embodying both elegance and flamboyancy. With stretched limos proving to be the UK’s favourite vehicle to travel in such cars inevitably attract the rich and famous, with our fleet having seated the likes of Kim Kardashian and David Haye in the past.

For one limo driver from Cheltenham it is this celebrity clientele that has maintained his passion for limo driving, with each and every day bringing surprise passengers his way.

Chris has been driving limos for fifteen year, resulting in him being on television and meeting some of the countries most famous celebrity figures.

Chris said: “I was the first in Gloucestershire, and I called the company 21st Century Limousines. For the first few weeks I parked on all the major roads in Cheltenham with a big sign on the side with the phone number; I was by the Racecourse, I was on the A40. And once I was in yellow pages it went crazy, I was working all the time.”

And the job brought Chris into some surprising circumstances. Chris said: “I was booked by a woman called Cook for her wedding at Eastnor Castle, I was to take her to Heathrow. Judith and I drove down and I got there and said to this bloke ‘this is some pile here’ and he said ‘yeah, it’s nice, innit’. I went back and said to Judith, that he looked awfully like David Essex – and it was.

“His real name was Cook, he was the father of the bride who had booked me but I had no idea. limo fun

With many dreaming to meet David Essex it seems as a limo driver you simply stumble across such experiences.

“I was also briefly on TV with Trinny and Susannah, they did a makeover with a woman from Cheltenham Ladies’ College and sent her to a ball, so I was on screen just for a second. And for Celebrity Wedding Planners I had two youngsters from Geordie Shore.”

Although contemplating retirement it seems that life as a limo driver is what has kept him going, with the fun such cars can bring ensuring Chris has always got a spring in is step.

Chris said: “It’s a lot of fun because your customers are having fun, you wouldn’t hire a stretch limo for something serious, it’s all about having fun.”

What do you think, could you make it as a limo driver? Leave you comments below.

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