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aventador limoAt 7 o’clock this morning, Cars For Stars released their design for the world’s very first Lamborghini Limo. The ‘Lambo’, as it also known, is showcased in the form of a state-of-the-art rendered video, which can now be watched by all. The video, which has so far received several hundred views on YouTube, shows the stunning 3D design from every angle and perspective.

The brand new conceptual design is a stretched-out version of the stunning and legendary Lamborghini Aventador, and has the fiery-orange trademark colour scheme. The brand new design stays true to the original Aventador model, keeping the iconic upwards-opening scissor doors – one of the Aventador’s most recognisable features.

The Italian-built 690bhp hypercar boasts four doors, luxury leather seats in a laid-back lunge arrangement with the Cars For Stars logo emblazoned on the seating (which are also heated). It also features plasma screens, surround sound, a champagne bar, music system, iPod docks and much more.

The company behind the world’s first Lamborghini limo, Cars For Stars, has been leading the way in luxury car hire for over a decade. It offers nationwide prestige, high-end car hire, chauffeur-driven cars and wedding car rental for a large range of events and occasions.

The conceptual design combines the breathtaking, sophicated sleekness of the original Italian-built Lamborghini Aventador, with the high-end luxury of a stretch limousine to create a truly remarkable vehicle. The Aventador, which is named after a raging bull for obvious reasons, brings to life the very spirit of creative and futuristic car design. It’s little wonder it’s already creating so much hype in the world of luxury motoring, which is undeniably down to its original, innovative and ground-breaking design.

Although the Lambo is still in the conceptual stage, Cars For Stars are welcoming the support of a sponsor who will help the Aventador limo become a reality. Investment comes with superb rewards such as the renaming of the vehicle to incorporate the investor’s company name and a year’s free advertising.

So take a look at the brand new conceptual design video by clicking here, for the world’s first Lamborghini stretch limo and prepare to be blown away by its awe-inspiring elegance.

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