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Rolls Royce Ghost fast becoming the most sought after wedding car in the UK

The Rolls Royce Ghost was launched last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show to great fanfare, and promised to offer a luxury vehicle featuring the latest technology and cutting edge design.

A selected number of Rolls Royce Ghost models are available for wedding car hire in the UK through leading luxury transport provider Cars for Stars. According to reports from Cars for Stars, demand for the Rolls Royce Ghost for wedding day hire far outstrips supply, which is testament to the growing popularity of the latest addition to the Rolls Royce portfolio.

For the most important day of your lives, only the very best will do. As the epitome of glamour, opulence, and luxury, the Rolls Royce Ghost more than fits the bill for wedding day transport. The extra quiet engine means passengers won’t be interrupted by the sound of the car accelerating, and the soft full grain leather upholstery makes for a sumptuous ride.

The Rolls Royce Ghost also boasts rear coach doors which open to a 38 degree angle, plus the low sill height enables passengers to step into the vehicle gracefully, which is good news for brides boarding the exquisite limo in their princess wedding gowns.

The sleek uncluttered design of the Ghost means it makes the perfect addition to any wedding snaps and will ensure brides and grooms make an impressive entrance on their special day. However with Cars for Stars reporting a huge number of enquiries for wedding car hire bookings for the Rolls Royce Ghost for dates as far in advance as 2012, you’ll need to act fast to make the Ghost yours for your wedding day.

The demand for Rolls Royce Phantom wedding cars is currently the most popular in UK but the new Rolls Royce Ghost may take over soon.

For more information on how to hire the Rolls Royce Ghost for your wedding day, please see the following link


Audi launch microsite ahead of A7 release

Ahead of the much anticipated release of the A7 later this month, Audi have launched a mircosite in Dutch whereby they will unveil details of the forthcoming vehicle and also gauge the reaction to the soon-to-be-released A7.

The Audi A7 is based on a Sportsback Concept which will enable it to compete with the likes of the Mercedes CLS, and also the BMW 5-series.

Described by Audi as being “pure beauty” the A7 will also feature the crème de la crème of Audi’s advanced technological devices. The MMI system is likely to be incorporated in the design, as is Audi’s Google function for navigation, plus the pre-sense collision mitigation safety sensor.

The 5-door 4 seat Audi A7 will receive its debut at the Moscow Autoshow in August, although the finished article is expected to be unveiled online for the first time at the end of the month.

Details of the Audi A7 will be released via the new microsite in the run up to the official release date. It’s anticipated that the site will be translated into other languages other than Dutch within the coming weeks.

Following the Audi A7’s official release, it’s expected that Audi will start taking orders for the new vehicle at the end of the year.


Introducing the limited edition Mansory Rolls Royce Ghost

Swiss tuner Mansory has revealed the first glimpse of its revamped version of Rolls Royce Ghost. Only three of these limited edition vehicles are due to be created so you’ll have to act quickly if you want to make one of them yours.

The luxury sports saloon has undergone a number of changes at the hands of Mansory. The mighty and imposing Rolls Royce has had a sporty spoiler added to the rear of the car and now also boasts diamond polished 22inch alloy wheels as well to add that extra touch of opulence. The limited edition Ghost was also been decorated with LED running lights on the exterior and has also had a dual sport exhaust system added.

The sumptuous feeling continues inside the top of the range luxury Rolls Royce with more LED lights which have been strategically placed in the seats, door panels and also the dashboard to help illuminate the inside in an ambient fashion.

The dark brown leather trim is set off by accompanying cream colours to create a luxurious finish. The interior also features bamboo trim in places for a truly unique look.

When it comes down to performance, the Mansory Ghost really delivers with a top speed of 180mph and the ability to go from 0-62mph in just 4.5 seconds.

However this high tech luxury motor comes at a price, which is approximately £295,000 to be precise.


Sales of Rolls Royce cars on the rise in Asia

According to Rolls Royce, sales of their luxury cars are on the rise in Asia suggesting that the effects of the global financial crisis are finally starting to recede.

China and India are the two countries singled out by Rolls Royce as leading the way out of the global recession with Japan following closely behind, and also Australia.

The comments were made by Rolls Royce Asia Pacific Regional Chief Colin Kelly at the unveiling of the latest Ghost model in New Delhi recently. Kelly said Rolls Royce had suffered as a result of the economic slump during 2009, after enjoying a bumper year of sales in 2008.

Making predictions for the coming year, in Asia, China will contribute half of the unit sales in 2010 while India, which is becoming an increasingly key market for Rolls Royce, will account for 10 to 12 per cent, Mr Kelly revealed.

Despite forecasting earlier in the year that sales in Asia would be down by 35% Rolls Royce now has a more positive outlook and is predicting a much better year that previously expected.

The newly released Rolls Royce Ghost is expected to help boost sales in Asia significantly as the manufacturer claims there has been a great deal of interest in the new model in the run-up to its release.