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The McClaren MP4-12CS supercar available to hire with Hertz

Leading car hire provider, Hertz, have spread their wings and are now offering a range of luxury cars and sports cars, including the McClaren MP4-12CS for hire as part of their partnership with Premiere Velocity. The introduction of the McClaren supercar to the Hertz fleet signals the first time the MP4-12CS model has been made available for hire to customers in the UK.

Now car rental customers can experience Formula 1 technology in a road car when they hire the McClaren supercar. However rental rates on this £212,000 car don’t come cheap, with a daily hire price for mid-week rentals setting customers back a whopping £1,134 while the daily hire price does drop slightly to £906. 30 when the MP4-12CS is hired for a period of 28 days or longer.

A world class team of engineers and test drivers took years to complete the design for the McClaren MP4-12CS which boasts a 3.8 litre V8 twin turbo engine which produces 592bhp.

Thanks to the unique partnership between car hire giants Hertz and Premiere Velocity, car rental customers now have the opportunity to experience some of the world’s most luxurious and sought after cars. Hertz also offer for hire the Ferrari 458 Italia, the Lamborghini LP560-4 Bicolore, Mercedes S-Class Brabus and the Rolls Royce Phantom amongst others as part of their luxury car rental category.


Going out in style – Introducing the Rolls Royce Phantom hearse

Want to travel in style and luxury even after you’ve shuffled off this mortal coil? Then coachbuilders, Biemme Special Cars, probably had you in mind when they came up with the design for the world’s most luxurious hearse.

The Rolls Royce Phantom Hearse will receive its official debut at the Tan Expo in Bologna, Italy where the 23 foot long Roller will be showcased to its full glory. The customised Rolls Royce benefits from a raised roof and elongated shape so as to allow the transportation of coffins of all sizes. It’s believed to be the longest hearse in existence at 7 metres in length, 3 metres longer than the average Phantom model.

While the Rolls Royce Phantom hearse B12 looks like an overgrown Phantom from the outside, under the bonnet it is a standard Phantom ll model with a 6.75 litre V12 engine. The customised hearse also benefits from specially created coach hung rear doors, and the trademark Rolls Royce grill complete with the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy sitting on the front of the bonnet.

However, this luxurious hearse does come with a hefty price tag, an eye-watering £418,000 to be exact. Do you think this new standard of premium hearses will catch on with undertakers across the world? Is there a demand for luxury hearses? Let us know your thoughts by dropping us a comment below.


Racing Porsche sets record after selling for £2.8 million at auction

A 1973 racing Porsche has set a new record for Porsche vehicles after it sold for a massive $4.4 million, which works out as £2.8 million, at a recent auction in Florida, USA.

Boasting 1,000 bhp and the ability to hit 0-62mph in 2.3 seconds and a 0-124mph acceleration rate of just 5.3 seconds making it one of the fastest racing cars created. The Porsche models has a top speed in excess of 240mph so whoever has taken ownership of the record breaking model better have access to a private racing track if they want to open this racing car up to its full potential.

The Porsche 917/30 Can-Am Series never actually took part in a race as the series it was designed to race in had to be broken up as the Porsche was too fast to make it a fair race with its rivals. The Porsche 917 model shot to fame when it was featured in a cult Steve McQueen’s movie, Le Mans, cementing its place as an iconic racing car.

This particular model which sold recently was formerly part of an avid Porsche collector’s prized fleet of rare vehicles. The 917 Porsche racing car is the last of only four models ever produced, and the one of just two 917 models still in private hands.

A fierce bidding war got underway when the 1973 Porsche came under the hammer at the Gooding and Co Amelia Island auction in Florida with the Porsche almost selling for $3,685,000 before another bid shot in upping the current price by another $50,000.

The 917 racing Porsche finally sold for a record breaking $4.4 million and contributed to a very successful auction in Florida which saw a total of $36 million spent by collectors on rare lots.


The (new) Rolls Royce Phantom Series ll makes debut at 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Rolls Royce has updated their luxury Phantom model. As the renowned car maker’s flagship model, the Phantom is arguable the most sought after vehicle offered by Rolls Royce, and so any changes to this popular model are likely to come under great scrutiny from Phantom fans and motoring experts alike.

The Rolls Royce Phantom Series ll made its official debut at the recent 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The new family of Phantom models will offer a raft of exciting and highly innovative improvements in order to offer a premium vehicle which is as much fun to drive as it is to be chauffeured in.

For the first time on a production car, the Phantom ll models will feature full LED headlights as standard, the new and improved Phantoms also feature a restyled front end and rear bumper. The new Phantoms also offer greater driver assistance with the introduction of all new media controller which boasts an integrated satellite navigation system with 3D topographic mapping.

All information, maps and videos are displayed on the car’s 8.8inch control centre screen display. The Phantom ll series models boast cameras to enable the driver to manoeuvre with ease as the rear view camera automatically flashes up on the screen display when reversing.

A brand new 8-speed automatic gearbox has also been unveiled on the new improved Phantom, designed specifically to complement the V12 direct injection engine which offers an improved fuel consumption of 10% compared to the previous model.

Pricing for the all new Phantom ll series are not yet available.


Classic Rolls Royce limo could fetch £2 million at auction

A rare Rolls Royce limousine, believed to be the only one of its kind left in working order, could fetch as much as £2 million when it goes to auction at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on June 29th.

The 1912 double Pullman Rolls Royce Limousine, nicknamed the Corgi after the toy manufacturer copied its design in the 60’s, is thought to be the only vehicle of its kind still in its original condition and the only surviving model of the 7,874 vehicles manufactured between 1906-1926.

During the First World War, many of the Rolls Royce limos were converted into ambulances or used as other types of emergency vehicles. However this particular Roller avoided that fate, and still retains the majority of its original features.

Despite being 100 years old, the Pullman limo can still cruise along at a top speed of 40-50mph with its 7.3 litre, 6 cylinder engine producing a fuel consumption of approximately 15 miles to the gallon.

The first owner of the Rolls Royce Corgi limo is registered as John M Stephens, a well known admirer and collector of the luxury brand. After taking delivery of the limousine, Mr Stephens instructed one of the best coach builders of the day to transform the vehicle’s interior in the style of a Pullman railway carriage. This was not unusual at the time, in fact it was common practice for motorists to purchase a car with the engine and chasis and then to instruct a specialist coach builder to create the finishing touches.

Bonhams auctioneers, who are selling the rare limo, expect the lot to attract attention from bidders around the globe and are anticipating a winning bid in excess of £2 million.


Limo Forum app to be launched in days

While the limousine and luxury transport hire industry is still buzzing following the launch of the exciting new online limo chat website, Limo Forum, the team behind the brand new limo industry forum have announced that the Limo Forum app is currently under construction and will be available to download in just 14 days time.

Following the sudden closure of The National Limousine and Chauffeur Association’s popular industry forum, Limo Chat, a brand new online platform offering a safe and supportive environment in which to communicate with others working in the limousine rental industry was launched. While is not connected to the now defunct Limo Chat site, the new website has been able to step into the breach by offering a new space for limo professionals to communicate.

As an online website dedicated to industry chat from the limo hire business, many of the Limo Forum users find themselves constantly on the move as part of their work. Thanks to the new app, which will be available to download from iTunes onto Apple iPhone and Android devices, Limo Forum subscribers will be able to stay up to date on the latest news and contribute to discussions while out and about so they’re never left out of the loop.

The Limo Forum is in the process of being completed and expected to hit the iTunes market by mid March. The new limo app will be available to users worldwide, helping to build a global community linking limo hire professionals. The easy to use app will allow members to view current discussions, post their own questions, browse archived and ongoing threads and launch their own topics for chat, all from their mobile devices.

The new Limo Forum app is due for release in just two weeks, so in the mean time head onto the main Limo Forum website and sign up. Membership is free and you can start communicating with other limo professionals the world over instantly.


Elton John’s Jaguar sports car to go under the hammer

Elton John’s vintage jaguar sports car will go under the hammer next week with a guide price of between £50,000-£70,000 set on the vintage vehicle.

The red sports car was first bought by the flamboyant star back in 1987 and the singer’s mark is still imprinted on the Jag as it still bears the personalised number plate “OKE1” which stands for “OK Elton”.

The Rocket Man singer eventually sold the Jaguar E-Type back in 2001 at Christies Auction organised by himself, with the vehicle fetching £81,000. However the new owner looks set to make a loss on the vehicle when it goes to auction next week as the auctioneers have placed a guide price of between £50,000 – £70,000 on the sports car, meaning that even if it sells for the highest estimate, the current owner will be looking at making a £11,000 loss on the car.

The 1965 E-Type has a top speed of 150mph boasting a 4.2 litre 6 cylinder engine and was one of fastest cars of the 60’s. Finished in racing car red with a black leather interior and chromed wire wheels and described as being in a very good condition, the E-Type is likely to generate a great deal of interest when it goes to under the hammer on March 3rd at Bonhams Collectors’ Motor Cars and Automobila Sale in Oxford.


New Chauffeur programme offered by Volvo

Car manufacturer, Volvo, have just unveiled the details of their brand new chauffeur programme which they hope will enable them to further enhance their share of the chauffeur market.

The most appealing aspect to the newly introduced Chauffeur Package from Volvo is the 3 year 120,000 miles extended warranty, exclusively offered to chauffeur and professional private hire customers. The generous mileage allowance takes into account the many miles chauffeurs need to cover as part of their job.

In addition to the extended warranty, Volvo are also offering free metallic paint on every chauffeur car ordered, along with a range of finance options making a new Volvo model an attainable and highly appealing offer for chauffeurs. For example, the new Volvo S80 is being offered on a business contract hire basis from as little as £369 plus VAT a month, which is an extremely attractive offer for professional private hire drivers.

The most popular Volvo models for use as professional chauffeur cars are the S80 and the V70 as these models offer a range of benefits which would appeal to chauffeur clients especially. These Volvo models have extended rear leg room, larger than average boots, and superior onboard comfort features making the S80 and the V70 ideal for use as chauffeur cars.

Volvo also have plans in the pipeline to introduce the hybrid plug-in V60 model which would offer reduced CO2 emissions and increased fuel efficiency which would be especially beneficial to potential chauffeur customers.


Classic Ferrari sells for a record-breaking £20.2 million

A vintage 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO, of which only 39 models were ever made, has sold for a budget-busting £20.2 million making it the second most expensive car ever sold.

The rare Ferrari sports car hit the headlines back in 2008 when it was bought by British businessman Jon Hunt for £15.7 million. Just 3 years after purchasing the car, the businessman has succeeded in selling the vintage luxury vehicle for £20.2 million, netting a profit of £4.5 million on the car within just a few years.

Mr Hunt, who made a fortune of £370 million when he sold Foxtons estate agency which he founded in 2008 just before the economic slump, is believed to have now sold the sought after sports car to a Spanish buyer for £20.2 million. The deal was made in secret sometime in the last two weeks, however word about the multi-million sale soon got out. The Ferrari is already thought to be on its way to Spain.

Only 39 Ferrari 250 GTO models were ever produced between 1962 and 1963. The sports cars were retailed at £6,000 each back in the 60’s and had the capability to accelerate from 0-62mph in 6.1 seconds and a top speed of 174mph which was especially impressive at the time. The 250 model boasts a 3 litre V12 engine and an output of 300bhp.

The demand for vintage luxury cars has risen sharply in recent years as they are seen as good investment options. The most recent sale of the £20.2 million is likely to spark further interest in sales of high end classic cars.

The most expensive car ever sold is the 1936 Bugatti Type 575c which fetched between £20 million – £26 million in 2010.


Specialist local car rental provider launches website in UK

A car hire provider specialising in listings of local and independent car rental operators, has launched in the UK for the very first time. has been introduced in the North East of England as part of a pilot scheme where it has already recruited 30 local vehicle hire companies offering more than 2000 vehicles for hire in total. was first introduced in Latvia in 2010 where the model proved very successful with car hire consumers. The website succeeded in attracting 70% of Latvia’s car hire providers to its website, helping to offer customers a wide range of car hire operators all in one place.

While global brands offering consumers the opportunity to compare car hire prices across a wide range of providers are proving very popular with car hire consumers, believes there is a gap in the market for a comparison site which focuses on local and independent car hire operators in specific areas. insist that local providers are often able to offer flexibility in terms of an increased choice of pick up and drop off locations, also more affordable deals and cheaper hire options for younger drivers. As well as offering great benefits to the customer, believes their website will also provide a boost to local businesses.

The specialist local and independent car hire broker believes it has the capability to revolutionise the UK’s car hire market with its easy to use website offering the pick of the best local car hire deals.