Bentley has unveiled their latest plans to create a state of the art chauffeur car which will operate like a mobile office. The new concept car will be fully equipped with the very latest technology including integrated iPads and Apple Max systems and video plasma screens.

The new mobile office concept limo was revealed by Bentley at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show. The inspiration for the new chauffeur car came from Bentley chief executive, Wolfgang Durheimer, as he revealed he spends a great deal of time in the back of cars preparing for upcoming meetings and so decided to design a new Bentley which would enable other busy executives the chance to utilise their time on the road by offering a mobile office space.

Features in the new Bentley will include a roof mounted 16 inch LED central video screen, plus two electric fold out tables which will each have an Apple iPad with Bluetooth connected keyboards. Each component is connected to an Apple Mini Mac hub which is installed in the vehicle’s boot and can be controlled from within side the car via an iPhone, iPod or one of the onboard iPads.

There’s also the additional option of adding two more DVD screens in the rear headrests which combined with the other features, can create a network of 5 screens onboard the Bentley chauffeur car. The Bentley will also have a Wi-Fi hotspot onboard to allow fast internet access on the move, as well as a fridge to store chilled drinks and other refreshments.

Bentley say that the first mobile office chauffeur car will go into production as soon as tests have been completed on the concept cars.

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