william car shows off his latest head-turning ride

william carSolo artist and member of pop group Black Eyed Peas,, has combined his love for cars with his love for comics by having a car custom built based on the comic strip Dick Tracy. The car enthusiast unveiled his brand new $900,000 vehicle when he cruised out of LAX airport this week.

The extravagant metallic purplish-blue car attracted some rather incredulous looks from spectators. The unique car was custom-made by company West Coast Customs, who became famous for their impressive work, through popular car-revamping show Pimp My Ride, which was shown on MTV.

The curvaceous bodywork of the car incorporates an aluminium interior, aluminium dashboard, suicide doors and custom door panels. It also has a sloping front grille and bold whitewall tires. Its bucket seats make for comfortable high-speed driving. himself was kitted out in a trendy, slightly eccentric, all-black ensemble of beanie hat, leather jacket, shorts and some funky gold and white trainers.

The singer and producer also owns another futuristic custom-built car – a white coupe with Delorean-esque door, which cost a mere $700,000.

In May, William will be presented with an honourary award for creative advertising at the CLIO Awards, it was announced on Monday. It has previously been handed out to Anthony Bourdain and Annie Leibovitz, and is designated for people who have pushed the boundaries of creativity.’s fourth album #willpower is due out today.

pink ghost

Rolls-Royce make one-off pink Ghost

pink ghostRolls-Royce have joined the club of luxury car manufacturers who have produced a pink version of one of their models. The first ever pink Rolls-Royce Ghost has been designed and made especially for the cause of UK charity, Breast Cancer Care. The pink sedan, which has a custom extended wheel-base, hopes to raise £1 million for the cause.

Other luxury car companies such as Lamborghini, Bentley, Chevrolet, Seat and Lexus have all previously brought out limited edition pink versions of some of their most sought-after models, and now Rolls-Royce has got on board too.

The car was commissioned by an organisation called FAB1, which is owned by the ginger-haired TV presenter and DJ Chris Evans (who is also a noted Ferrari collector). The number plate is incidentally “FAB1”, which is the same as Miss Penelope’s from 1960s TV show Thunderbirds.

The FAB1 Million project aims to raise the million pound target by having the eye-catching car appear at various breast cancer charity events across the country, as well as being available to hire throughout the year – with all proceeds going towards the fund. Those philanthropic people who choose to hire out the pink Roller will be treated to a luxurious experience – it boasts hand-veneered picnic tables, a Blushing Pink and Crème Light leather clad interior, personal 9.2 inch LED screens and a champagne cooler. Other exclusive features include pink-accented umbrellas, hand-embroidered headrests, pink floor mats made out of lambs wool and FAB1 tread plates.

The pink Roller’s year-long charity tour has started in Land’s End at the very south of the country, and will go on to chauffeur a number of celebrity passengers up to John O’Groats in the very north of Scotland. The celebrities taking a ride in the Ghost include pop-singer Gary Barlow, Top Gear’s James May, Professor Brian Cox and cook Mary Berry.

Despite the daring colour, which looks seemingly very much like the iconic model has had a pink paint job, the effect is actually achieved using an impressive vinyl wrap, provided free of charge by a vinyl car wrap company. Who would’ve known?!

To hire a regular Rolls-Royce Ghost, check out the Cars For Stars gallery and call the team for a quote.

lambo fire

One million pound Lambo goes up in flames

lambo fireA yellow 1971 Lamborghini Miura suddenly burst into flames on a West London street leaving the owner to watch helplessly as his million pound supercar burnt to a crisp.

The fire escalated at a surprising rate, blocking the residential street in Acton. The car was a huge fire-ball of charred metal by the time the emergency crews arrived to put out the fire.

The cause of the fire is unclear, but the Lamborghini Miura model has a reputation for catching on fire easily. It’s recommended that owners carry a fire extinguisher on board. The Miura, which was launched in 1966, is often regarded as the world’s first supercar. The burnt car was one of only 764 Miuras ever made. The SV’s V8 engine, which can generate 380bhp and accelerate from 0-60mph in 6.8 seconds and reach top speeds of 171mph.

All the action was captured on film as it unfolded, and the video was uploaded onto YouTube soon after. The footage was filmed by TaxRich100, a group that drives and films luxury cars out of their normal environment.

James Cottingham, from classic sports car specialist DK Engineering, said: “It is a bitter reminder that you should always carry a fire extinguisher when you have a classic car.”

He added: “The Miura SV is never beyond repair. It will need full restoration but will be back on the road.”

Click on this link to watch the Lambo burn to a charred wreck.

aventador limo

First Lamborghini Limo (Lambo) has landed

aventador limoAt 7 o’clock this morning, Cars For Stars released their design for the world’s very first Lamborghini Limo. The ‘Lambo’, as it also known, is showcased in the form of a state-of-the-art rendered video, which can now be watched by all. The video, which has so far received several hundred views on YouTube, shows the stunning 3D design from every angle and perspective.

The brand new conceptual design is a stretched-out version of the stunning and legendary Lamborghini Aventador, and has the fiery-orange trademark colour scheme. The brand new design stays true to the original Aventador model, keeping the iconic upwards-opening scissor doors – one of the Aventador’s most recognisable features.

The Italian-built 690bhp hypercar boasts four doors, luxury leather seats in a laid-back lunge arrangement with the Cars For Stars logo emblazoned on the seating (which are also heated). It also features plasma screens, surround sound, a champagne bar, music system, iPod docks and much more.

The company behind the world’s first Lamborghini limo, Cars For Stars, has been leading the way in luxury car hire for over a decade. It offers nationwide prestige, high-end car hire, chauffeur-driven cars and wedding car rental for a large range of events and occasions.

The conceptual design combines the breathtaking, sophicated sleekness of the original Italian-built Lamborghini Aventador, with the high-end luxury of a stretch limousine to create a truly remarkable vehicle. The Aventador, which is named after a raging bull for obvious reasons, brings to life the very spirit of creative and futuristic car design. It’s little wonder it’s already creating so much hype in the world of luxury motoring, which is undeniably down to its original, innovative and ground-breaking design.

Although the Lambo is still in the conceptual stage, Cars For Stars are welcoming the support of a sponsor who will help the Aventador limo become a reality. Investment comes with superb rewards such as the renaming of the vehicle to incorporate the investor’s company name and a year’s free advertising.

So take a look at the brand new conceptual design video by clicking here, for the world’s first Lamborghini stretch limo and prepare to be blown away by its awe-inspiring elegance.