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UK Limo Tours

UK Limo Tours

If you are looking to hire a limo then you have come to the right place with Cars for Stars employing a fleet of amazing stretched limousines. Although best known for transport for birthday parties, proms and weddings we have recently branched out to limo tours, offering exceptional excursions throughout the UK.

Where many people just think that transport it to get you from A to B a limo can serve as so much more than that, being an event in itself. Packed with a wealth of features a luxury limousine is made with everything you could possibly need for a great night out. From dancefloors and karaoke machines to champagne fridges and disco lighting, limos double up as exclusive nightclubs on wheels.

Area we cover

As a national business we have depots in every corner of the country, allowing us to offer our large range of limousines all over the UK. As a result we can offer our limo tour services everywhere including Cardiff, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and even Edinburgh.

What limousines are available?

Having been adding to our fleet for many years we now boast the capacity to offer any of our limousines in all cities, with our most popular limos being the following:

Tailored tours

Where the traditional city tour is built with the sightseers in mind many simply want to maraud around the streets, making the most of their time in a luxury limo. Whether you wish to incorporate landmarks into your trip or wish to plan your own route around your chosen city be sure that our chauffeur’s will provide you with a tour to suit your interests.

If you would like to learn more about limo tours then contact us at the office today. We can offer a free, no obligation quote in a matter of minutes.

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