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Limo and Chauffeur operators - Join the Cars For Stars network and get guaranteed bookings.

Become a Cars For Stars Approved Operator

Welcome to Cars For Stars. If you are serious about expanding your current limousine / chauffeur / wedding car hire business, then you need to be talking to Cars for Stars about our agency opportunities. With Cars for Stars you can reduce the risks associated with a new start up venture and hit the road running from day one of joining our network.

Operators: Click here to apply to join the Cars for Stars network.

Cars for Stars is the original and fastest growing specialist limousine hire booking reservations company in the UK since 2003. Our brand is well established and synonymous with quality and style. Through our websites we generate in excess of 10,000 online enquiries every month and well in excess of 18,000 telephone calls.

Our standards are high and consistent, we spend as much time evaluating suitable operators as they would spend in establishing a suitable business partner. If you would like to know more about the opportunities that exist, then call the Cars for Stars Head Office on 0845 123 5335.

Prospective operators are free to purchase their fleet of limos, chauffeur cars, wedding cars from whatever source they wish, although we are happy to assist in this area.

Cars For Stars will simply provide you with business which suits your business, at YOUR prices. In return we will charge you a 'fixed' commission fee on all jobs. If no jobs are given to your company, you pay nothing! It's really as simple as that!

Here's a few FAQ's operators usually have for us!

Question >> Do I have to trade as Cars For Stars or can I carry on as usual, using my company name?
Answer >>> You can carry on trading in the same name, we're just supplying you with more work!

Question >> Are there any joining fees or hidden costs with joining Cars For Stars?
Answer >>> No, it's very simple.. If we do not pass you any work, you don't pay a penny!

Question >> How many vehicles do I need on my fleet to join Cars For Stars?
Answer >>> A minimum of 2 vehicles is required to join. All vehicles must be high spec.

Question >> Do I have to be a licensed operator?
Answer >>> Yes, there are no exceptions to this rule. Regular checks will be carried out on approved operators, more details are available our operator handbook.

Question >> Who quotes the prices, me or Cars For Stars?
Answer >>> Our sales team will contact you to check availability and your price. YOU will quote your prices at all times, therefore you will receive exactly what you require.

Question >> Do you send email / fax or phone through with the bookings?
Answer >>> You will be provided with a booking management system. Once the booking has been confirmed, you can login and print your driver sheet, reports, detailed invoices etc.

Question >> Do you give work to any operator or just operators on your books?
Answer >>> We only pass work to 'approved operators' of Cars For Stars.

Question >> I don't want a price war in my area - So do you call around for the cheapest price?
Answer >>> Cars For Stars don't offer a 'cheap' service - We would contact each operator within the required area and depending on the customers requirement, the jobs will be placed to the most relevant/suitable approved operator!

Question >> This sounds too good to be true - What's the catch?
Answer >>> There are no catches, our business model is very simple! We generate income from both, operators and customers!

Operators: Click here to apply to join the Cars for Stars network..

Still have more questions? Then call us on 0845 123 5335.

Please note that Cars For Stars is no longer a franchise business. Please contact us for more details on 0845 500 3030.

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