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    Finding a reliable company providing chauffeur driven cars in London is often a lot easier said than done. Clearly reliability is an essential ingredient but so it professionalism and communication. Cars for Stars is an award winning, London based company, offering a wide range of chauffeur driven cars and American stretched limousines. Cars for Stars offer a complete range of chauffeur services, from airport transfers, through to daily, weekly and longer term hires. An extensive range of chauffeur driven cars are available from the superb and class leading Chrysler 300, through to a R The very latest 2008 model Jaguar XK with long wheel base. Designed with the chauffeur market in mind. olls Royce Phantom or Bentley Arnage. Whilst the Chrysler 300 is the most popular chauffeur cars, because of the favourable rates offered, the long wheel based Jaguar XJ and Mercedes Viano people carrier, manage to come a close second and third.

    Cars for Stars welcome new and existing business clients, recognising that to maintain their business, the need to invest in the latest, top of the range cars is essential. In addition, a friendly disposition and a genuine desire to offer solutions rather than problems have combined to make Cars for Stars a London based success story. But never willing to rest on their laurels, Cars for Stars continually seek out ways that the business can be more responsive, rounded and customer focused.

    As an active participant in the service sector, Cars for Stars recognise and acknowledge, that placing profit before principle provides only short term gains, in a business they aim to be in for the long term. Therefore they are willing to listen and act quickly to provide a service that the business community in London want to use. Whilst Cars for Stars willingly embraces the concept of good old fashioned service, it also recognises that in a fast moving city, a successful business has to be willing to accept change and look far enough ahead to be able to predict that paradigm shift. The very latest 2007 model Mercedes S Class chauffeur driven long wheel base limousine

    One way in which Cars for Stars has addressed a shift in the market, is to offer an outsourced chauffeur cars service for businesses that have traditionally employed their own Chauffeur�s and purchased their own vehicles. Cars for Stars can offer businesses in London their �own� chauffeur driven car and chauffeur, without the need for the company to own any cars or employ any chauffeurs, at less than it would cost to do it themselves.

    The business can benefit from having their own regular chauffeur, together with a relief chauffeur to cover holidays, sickness and other eventualities. In addition, the car will be available exclusively to the contracting company and the hours can be flexible. A complete service which removes the cost of the vehicle for the balance sheet and reduces the headcount at a price that is less than taking it in house, a finance directors dream solution.

    Cars for Stars is Licensed by the Public Carriage Office for private hire ensuring that the company is subjected to regular checks and operates to strict regulation. All of the cars are separately licensed by the PCO and the Chauffeurs are PCO Licensed, meaning they must pass a medical and criminal records bureau check. Cars for Stars is also one of the first companies in London to Licence their stretched limousines through the Public Carriage Office.

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