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    Wedding Transport Wedding Cars are a major part of your wedding day. Your wedding car or limousine can start by taking the Groom and Best Man to the church, and onward to the Brides House. At the Brides house it may take the Bridesmaids and maybe the brides Mother or flower girls or page boys to the church, then return to the house and take the Bride and who every is giving the bride away, to the church. It is possible to have the one wedding car do all this if time and distance permit.

    Alternatively you may choose to use more than one wedding car. In which case an extra car or limousine may do the first and second run and the lead car or limousine can take the Bride to the church. After the wedding ceremony the cars can be utilised to take you to a park or scenic spot for Wedding photographs. Wedding cars are available in most parts of the UK through the extensive Cars for Stars network of local offices.. Naturally your wedding transport will become a significant factor in the wedding planning arrangements. Don't forget the wedding cars or limousines are going to be part of all of the venues involved in your wedding. They will be at the groom’s house, the brides house, outside the church, at the venues for the wedding photos and more likely than not they will be in many of the wedding photographs!

    You may also choose to utilise a limousine or chauffeur driven car to leave the wedding reception later that night, the next day, or to transport you to the airport in readiness for your honeymoon. Therefore you should like what you book, and the cars should be the best you can afford. If your wedding cars go wrong on your wedding day it is going to be a major problem for the continuity of the proceedings. The arrival at the church and hotel will have your guests, photographers, videos all looking at you and your Wedding car. What will UK Cars for Stars� do for me? We will handle all your transport needs, from the provision of the Brides car, to the transport of the bride and grooms family. If necessary we will include provision for transportation from the reception onward to a hotel or airport. The car can be changed as required to suit the bride and grooms preference. What next? It helps to book early, so please feel free to call us or complete our online form for a quotation or to book your date. Alternatively you can email us for further information. Given we often change our vehicles, we would be pleased to send you either a photograph or electronic image of the cars you are interested in. You are also welcome to inspect the vehicles prior to making a firm booking. Your attention is drawn to our terms and conditions of hire. Frequently Asked Questions.

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