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Chauffeur Car Hire Help Advice and Tips

If youíre considering chauffeur driven limo hire for any occasion, here are a few helpful tips to ensure you make the most of your experience.

Itís a good idea to shop around before committing to a limo hire provider. The easiest way to do this is to enlist the services of a broker who will collect a selection of quotes for your chosen date on your behalf, and get back to you with the cheapest rate.

In order to keep your hire cost down, try to keep drop offs and collections to a minimum as this will push up the price of hire and eat into your time onboard the limo or luxury car. If youíre travelling in a group, itís a good idea to encourage everyone to congregate at one address to avoid unnecessary detours to collect various members of your party.

It goes without saying that we want you to enjoy your limo hire trip with Cars for Stars, however please donít be tempted to go overboard as you will be responsible for any damage caused to limo during your hire period. If anyone is unwell in the car, or anything is broken, the customer will be liable, so itís vital you enjoy yourselves responsibly while travelling onboard your limo.

When booking a limo, double check that all of the arrangements are correct from the outset. Obvious details such as the date and time of your event, how many passengers will be travelling and what colour vehicle you require should all be clarified before paying a deposit as it can be difficult to make amendments after this, plus you could also be charged an amendment fee for any alterations to your booking.

If youíre booking a chauffeur driven limo on behalf of a group such as a stag or hen do, or school prom, ensure everyone chips into pay the deposit for the vehicle, this way people are less likely to drop out at the last minute, leaving you to cough up for the full cost of the hire.

For more advice on how to get the most out of your limo hire experience, please get in touch with Cars for Stars today and our experienced customer advisers will be happy to help.

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