A wedding chauffeur was attacked inside of the limo he was driving after a thief attempted to make away with the luxury limousine.

The terrifying incident happened over the weekend as the wedding limo, which was transporting a group of bridesmaids, waited outside of a church in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

The attacker was reported to have been fleeing the scene of another crime he’d committed, believed to be a house break-in, when he carried out the carjacking. The robber entered the limo by smashing the passenger side window with a hammer. The bridesmaids travelling onboard fled from the wedding vehicle in fear as the chauffeur attempted to fight off the thief inside the limo.

After wrestling with the assailant for several minutes, the chauffeur was eventually ousted from the car by the violent thief, who then made his getaway in the blacked out wedding car.

The police were called, but despite their quick response, the robber got away in the stretch limo. The vehicle was later found abandoned a few miles from the church.

Not wanting to let the incident cast a showdown over the wedding day, the five bridesmaids hid the terrifying ordeal from the bride, and walked down the aisle without mentioning a word to the happy couple. The bride and groom exchanged vows completely unaware of the drama which had unfolded a few minutes earlier outside of the church.