A video has unearthed from December 2014 of the President behind the steering wheel of his Rolls-Royce whilst listening to Taylor Swift.

The video shows Trump behind the steering wheel and was originally posted on Melania Trump’s Facebook page. The video shows him accompanied by his son Barron, who is sitting in the passenger seat.

The video seems to have been brought back to the surface by Axio. Reporter Jonathan Swan has been reported as the person who sussed it out. The video was apparently found and prompted by Trump’s Republican friend, Roger Stone. Stone said he had never seen Trump behind the wheel of any vehicle in all the years he had known him.

The video itself is approximately 19 seconds and shows the President listening to Taylor Swift’s popular single ‘Blank Space’ whilst behind the wheel of his Rolls-Royce. There is an obvious eerie silence whilst his son Barron sits in the passenger seat and Melania is sitting in the back and filming.

The First Lady captioned the video: “Fun night with my two boys DJT & BWT.”

However, it still remains a mystery why Taylor Swift was the music choice whilst the family were travelling. They may have been playing her album, or perhaps the single was just being played over the radio.

Earlier this month Taylor Swift revealed that she is now “entirely focussed” on writing brand new music for her fans. Having taken a short break in recent months, reports have confirmed that the singer is now back in the studio and ready to release more successful music.

Anyway, we think that even Trump can’t deny that Taylor releases some bangers. We wonder what he will think of the new music set to be released.