Simon Cowell, music mogul and father-to-be has reportedly driven his $1.7 million supercar just twice in the three-year period he has owned it. Many celebrities of his wealth and calibre simply own such impressive cars because they can, making the average Joe pretty envious and feeling his fleet to be a wasted one.


He bought the Bugatti Veynon back in 2010 after seeing it in a Beverly Hills showroom, falling in love with it he immediately purchased it.

Speaking on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he said: “It was beckoning me to buy it. Seriously.


“The following day I walked in and bought it.”

He joked whilst reminiscing of the one of two occasions he has driven the car, apparently hitting 250 miles an hour in a Los Angels cruise.

‘I hit 250 at sunset’

‘I’m lying. Police if you are watching’

Earlier in the episode, Ellen gave Simon a mini-Bugatti as a present for his unborn son which he was delighted with.

He said: “Oh my god. I love it.”

Ellen joked: “And he’ll probably drive it twice in three years, also.”