Actor George Clooney revealed his past life as a celebrity chauffeur this week during an interview on the Oscar’s red carpet. The 50-year-old star admitted that before he hit the big time in Hollywood, like many struggling actors he had a number jobs to pay the bills, one of which as a chauffeur where he was charged with driving the legendary singer Tony Bennett.

Both Clooney and Bennett attended the 84th Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday night, with the nominated actor revealing his previous occupation as Tony’s chauffeur during an interview with Access Hollywood. The Descendants star said he spent about three weeks chauffeuring the iconic crooner when he was about 19-years-old.

After a few helpful reminders, the singer racked his brain and managed to recall Clooney’s stint as his chauffeur some 30 years ago, adding that the Hollywood A-lister was a very good driver and that he is very proud of what the actor has gone onto achieve. The Oceans 11 star jokingly told 85-year-old Tony, “I’ll still drive you anywhere you want to go.”

Former chauffeur to the stars, George Clooney, was accompanied to the Oscars by his girlfriend, Stacy Keibler. Clooney was the bookies favourite to scoop the Best Actor award on the night for his role in the movie, Descendants, however he lost out to Jean Dujardin for his role in The Artist.