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Pope Francis to Auction his 2018 Lamborghini Huracan

While a man of the cloth, it appears Pope Francis is also a bit of a petrol head.

Surprisingly, the 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church is the proud owner of a gleaming Lamborghini. While owning a custom-built, brand new Lamborghini Huracan, the Pope did not however foot the bill for the super car.

According to sources, the vehicle was donated to Pope Francis by the Italian car brand earlier this year, adorned with white and gold stripes to complement the white and yellow design of the Vatican City Flag.

Seeming to have no use for such a vehicle, it has now been announced that the Pope is set to sell the vehicle, auctioning off this incredible car to the highest bidder. Sold through a public raffle by Sotheby’s, the winner with enjoy an airfare to Rome as well as accommodation in a top of the range hotel. There will also be a lavish but private ceremony where the new owner will be handed the keys to their new car. This will be “in the presence of Pope Francis and Lamborghini CEO, Stefano Domenicali” according to the fundraising page.

The Pope has also decided to sign the bonnet of the car; a decision that is expected to add thousands to the price the car fetches.

All of the proceeds will then go to rebuilding villages “that have been devastated by violence and war, assist victims of human trafficking, provide medical care and education to those living in poverty” the page reads.

Here at Cars for Stars, we believe this to be a great gesture from both the Pope and Lamborghini, with the money made from the sale of this impeccable, rare vehicle benefiting the greater good. Let us know what you think about this story by leaving your comments below.


X Factor Boss, Simon Cowell, Thrilled with New Lamborghini

While Simon Cowell did lose out on a winning act at this year’s X Factor Final, the delivery of his brand new Lamborghini will no doubt have cheered him up.

Receiving the vehicle this week, the music mogul looked proud as punch as he welcomed the delivery of the £160,000 super car. Driven right to the front door of Cowell’s family home in London, Simon was joined by his son and tiny sidekick, Eric, on the doorstep.

Wasting no time spectating, the X Factor boss took the car out for a spin immediately, eager to get behind the wheel and see what the impressive-looking vehicle could achieve mechanically. And, by the paparazzi snaps, he was far from unimpressed.

According to sources, this particular model is capable on 0-60mph in just 3.6 seconds, able to reach 190mph with complete ease.

Showcasing a huge smile on his face, many would have thought this was the delivery of his first car. But, this Lambo is just the latest in a long list of high-profile, expensive motors found at Cowell’s home. The Lamborghini will now join cars such as the £1million Bugatti Veyron, the £160,000 Bentley Continental GT and the £650,000 Jaguar Eagle Speedster to make up Simon Cowell’s fleet.

Though a good week for big purchases, when it comes to business matters, it has not been all sunshine and rainbows for Cowell. With rumours flying around that Little Mix have parted ways from his record label, Syco, and Olly Murs advising the viewers of Lorraine to ‘forget the X Factor’, we imagine Cowell’s mood has been somewhat varied this week.

Let us know what you think. Is a shiny new super car the right vehicle for a 59-year-old father? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below.


Lord Sugar’s Rolls Royce to be Auctioned for the Same Price as a Ford Fiesta

A Rolls Royce owned by Lord Alan Sugar and used in the first series of The Apprentice, is now set to be auctioned, giving car enthusiasts and fans of the show the chance to get their hands on a real collectors item.

But, the car is down to be sold at a bargain price, expected to be auctioned off for just £20,000. This is the same price as a new Ford Fiesta Active X, ST-2 and Vignale model!

The Rolls- Royce  Silver Seraph

The auction buyer will receive a 1998 Rolls Royce Silver Seraph with  luxurious interior that is finished with leather. The Silver Seraph was introduced by Rolls-Royce in 1998 as a replacement for the Silver Spirit, with the company describing it as an “all-new motor car for the next millennium”.

As well as the lavish leather on the front seats, there are fold-down tables on the back for passengers in the rear to use.

The car is powered by a 5.3-litre V12 engine derived from the BMW 7 series and allows the 2.4-tonne car to sprint from 0-62mph in around 7 seconds. The car is also capable of a top speed of 140mph.

All that for only £20,000! And, of course, it was previously used by Lord Alan Sugar – what more could you want?

The auction

Lord Sugar had used this car in the first series of the Apprentice until it was sold in 2005. It was bought as a brand-new car and would have cost around £170,000.

The auction will take place on December 3rd at Olympia in London. The Rolls-Royce will be auctioned by auction house, Bonhams.

A spokesperson for the Bonhams says: “We have offered several of Lord Sugar’s cars at auction, and they always gain a lot of attention.

“They are well looked after and usually the very last word in luxury, and this is no difference.”

Is £20,000 a great deal for Lord Sugar’s Rolls-Royce? Let us know what you think in the comments below!



Arnold Schwarzenegger Flaunts New $265,000 Bentley

Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of our time’s greatest actors, has this week unveiled his new ride, seen driving around in a brand new $265,000 Bentley Continental.

While most 71-year-olds opt for something reliable, comfortable and eco-friendly, Schwarzenegger loves to shock, renowned for his love of fine cars and the lavish lifestyle.

As the pinnacle of luxury transport, the Bentley undeniably grabbed the attention of all, with Arnold proud to flaunt the quarter of a million-pound car around the streets of Los Angeles. Still boasting a buff frame, the star topped off his look with a tight t-shirt and jeans, showing the world that he is still very much the tough guy of the city.

While his surprising physique was commented on online, the car itself obviously stole the show, showcasing black and yellow paint, impressively-large alloy wheels and an engine roar you could hear from blocks away. Smoking a large cigar as he parked the super car, the drop-top proved to be the perfect car for a smoking, muscly super celebrity.

Ditching the SUV

Being incredibly rich, it really is no surprise that Schwarzenegger bought a super car. That said, over the years, the actor has become thought of for his love and promotion of SUVs. With his Terminator character arguably responsible for cars like the Hummer being a consumer favourite, sizable, gas-guzzling vehicles have always been ‘his thing’. But, last year, he put his stamp of approval on an all-electric SUV, heavily involved in the customisation of a Mercedes-Benz G-Class into an electric motor.

“This amazing off-road vehicle as a clean and fast electric car? A dream has become real!” said Schwarzenegger.

The star has also been known to convert a Hummer H1, allowing it to run on vegetable oil alone!

Let us know what you think about this story by leaving your comments with us.


Spice Girls Concert Transport: Reserve Your Cars and Limos Now

At Cars for Stars, we love two things; great cars and great music! This is why we were understandably thrilled to learn that the iconic British band, the Spice Girls, had made a comeback.

Announcing details of their 2019 tour, the band will grace various stages across the UK. These include:

  • Manchester Etihad Stadium – June 1st
  • Coventry Ricoh Stadium – June 3rd
  • Sunderland Stadium of Light – June 6th
  • Edinburgh BT Murrayfield Stadium – June 8th
  • Bristol Ashton Gate Stadium – June 10th
  • London Wembley Stadium June 15th

The group has this week added Cardiff’s Principality Stadium to their tour list, set to visit Wales on May 27th. This follows a complete sell out of tickets in less than a few hours. Seeing many fans disgruntled and searching the internet for tickets, the ladies decided to make a last minute tour add-on.

Here at Cars for Stars, we are already thrilled to be helping Spice Girls fans with their transport needs, arranging luxury cars and limos to transport them around the country to these lavish shows.

Your transport options

As the go-to company for luxury transport in Britain, our fleet is extensive to say the least, having access to a vast range of vehicles on the above tour dates.

These include stretched limousines, stunning chauffeur cars, party buses as well as super cars and SUVs. So, whether you want a bright pink party bus to get to Wembley, a stretched, all-black limo for the Cardiff concert or a stunning Rolls Royce to get you to the Sunderland Stadium of Light, we are your best bet. 

Reserve your vehicle now

However, we do urge those attending a Spice Girls gig to book their vehicles as early as possible. Allowing you to both secure the best price and get a pick of a greater bunch of cars and limousines, booking early has various benefits.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote. Alternatively, search, compare and book your luxury vehicles through our online booking system.


Prince Charles’ Aston Martin Now Runs on White White!

For obvious reasons, alcohol and high-powered sports cars are seldom discussed in the same breath. However, thanks to one prominent member of the Royal family, that is not the case today.

Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne, has revealed that his Aston Martin Volante is fuelled completely by surplus white wine. The Prince of Wales, celebrating his 70th birthday today, has explained that he requested engineers at Aston Martin to find a more environmentally-friendly way of running his  Volante than the conventional fossil fuels commonly used. The result, a sports car running solely on one of the nation’s favourite alcoholic drink; wine!

After revealing the fuel change on a car he’s owned for almost five decades, Prince Charles explained his Aston Martin Volante now “runs better and is more powerful on that fuel than it is on petrol.” He also jokingly added, “It smells delicious as you’re driving along.”

The country’s future King is a strong advocate of sustainable fuels as an alternative to the commonly-used fossil fuels. The Prince of Wales was credited for overseeing the introduction of the Royal Family’s first all-electric car, the Jaguar I-Pace. Prince Charles also backed the move which now sees the Royal Train operate completely on cooking oil.

Following suit

And, it seems he is not the only royal eager to travel in an eco-friendly manner. His youngest son, Prince Harry, married American actress, Meghan Markle, In the summer. With the nation eagerly waiting to find out what car the couple arrived in, we were shocked to see the unveiling of the electric Jaguar. The Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero made a real statement, with the Royal family showing the world that sustainability was at the forefront of their minds.

“Concept Zero combines the renowned E-type dynamic experience with enhanced performance through electrification,” said Tim Hannig, Director of Jaguar Land Rover Classic.

“This unique combination creates a breathtaking driving sensation.

“Our aim with Concept Zero is to give classic Jaguars a sustainable future in changing environmental and economic conditions.”

Let us know what you think. Will it take more that these efforts from Harry and Charles to steer people away from gas-guzzling beauties?


Morgan to Reinvent Itself as a Sports Car Brand

Morgan, a vehicle company best known for its wood-adorned frames and tradition setups, is now on a mission to rival the likes of Aston Martin, currently producing a high-performance sports car.

Reinventing the brand, the firm responsible for the iconic 3-Wheeler, will now look to launch a new flagship vehicle, promising enthusiasts something special before 2024. Said to be building on a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive platform, this new car will allegedly use a powertrain ‘never before seen in a Morgan’.

What’s under the bonnet?

While many of the details are being kept under wraps, what we do know is that the new sports car will be a coupe, boasting a six-cylinder engine capable of a whopping 350-hbp. Having already been likened to the Aston Martin Vantage, Morgan will be charging something in the region of £120,00 for their all-new model. And, with a larger cabin than the vehicle’s predecessors, the new sports cars are attractive to all sized drivers; no matter how long (or short) their legs. With a lack of space being something the brand has been criticised for in the past, it’s apparent that the brand is evolving, catapulting itself into the 21st century.

A great era for the brand

Aside from launching a new model, Morgan has also celebrated its 109th year in business. This is in addition to experiencing their most successful year tod ate, with the special anniversary models of its Aero GT and V8 completely selling out.

Based in Malvern, the firm have an in-house team of just 30 individuals, responsible for designing and engineering the entire range of Morgan cars.

So, let us know what you think. Is Morgan reinventing themselves a good idea? Or, should the traditional brand remain traditional in fleet style? Leave your thoughts with us by commenting below.


Mansory Rolls Royce Phantom VIII Branded ‘Ugly’

Mansory, a luxury car modification firm, has been working on a revised Rolls Royce Phantom VIII; a creation that has split opinion across the globe.

Though considered one of the most luxurious cars of all time, Mansory is now being slammed for creating the “ugliest car” ever made.

According to the German firm, the idea behind this modified Rolls Royce Phantom VIII was “to make the overall appearance more noble”. This had been achieved by adding a new, modified front bumper on the upper part of the Phantom’s face. At the rear of the model, there is a twin-pipe sports exhaust, which according to the car’s maker, “provides an indication of the enhanced performance of the Mansory Phantom”.

It also ditches regular wheels for hubcaps and 24-inch forged-rim low-profile tyres. The 6.5L V12 engine has also had some tweaks, with a power output of 602 hp. This is compared to the 563 hp of the standard Phantom VIII model. That’s a lot more power!

The interior

As for the interior, it is wrapped in a trademarked Mansory fine leather. This has diamond stitches to complement the ambient lighting in the headliner, with the roof having LED lights for a starry effect. Not only this, it also gets massage seats with extra cushioning and a modern infotainment system.

The inside of the Phantom VIII has the same odd colour scheme as the exterior; a “Bushukan yellow” by Mansory.

The firm says:

“This colour is named after the citron fruit which is also known as Buddha’s hand as a Bushukan. In China the fruit represents happiness, contentment and a long life. In addition, it conveys the exclusive status of the car.”

The ugliest car?

While the modified Rolls Royce Phantom VIII may be an acquired taste, is it fair to claim it’s the “ugliest car?”. We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!


Kylie Jenner Surprises Mum with $250,000 Red Ferrari for Her Birthday

If you have an Instagram account, you will know that there is no such thing as a low-key Kardashian/Jenner birthday, with the famous ladies renowned for taking birthday celebrations to the next level. Just last week, the youngest of the beauty clan, Kylie Jenner, surprised her mother with the ultimate birthday present; an all-new red Ferrari super car.

Said to be worth a staggering $250,000, the car is by no means understated, boasting iconic red Ferrari paint and enormous alloy wheels. Reported to be Kris Jenner’s dream car, the young business mogul has been branded Daughter of the Year, arguably putting her top of the Christmas list this year!

Sharing the moment Kris saw her car for the first time on Instagram, Kylie’s loyal fans and followers gushed over her kind gesture. Seeing Kris Jenner unwrap the car with its huge red bow, her 63rd birthday will sure be one to remember.

Another Instagram prop?

It appears that this car will actually be used by Kris, with the famous ‘Momanager’ since being snapped with the car wearing a matching red tracksuit. Receiving comments such as ‘#mumgoals’, and ‘wow, what a car’ it’s safe to say that this was a great present.

The forever-growing Kardashian fleet

But, Kris is not the only Kardashian with a love for fine, high-speed cars. From Kim’s neon green Lamborghini and Khloe’s obsession with Rolls Royces to the supercar obsession Scott Disk is constantly criticised for by Kourtney, the Kardashian fleet is said to surpass $1bn in value. Arguably keeping brands such as Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and Ferrari in business, we are constantly waiting to hear the news of new vehicle purchases.

Let us know what you think, would your mother enjoy unwrapping a bright red Ferrari worth $250,000 on her birthday this year? We know our mums certainly would!

British Luxury Cars: A Thriving UK Market

While Britain is very much in a time of uncertainty when it comes to business activity and trade, it appears there is one market that is thriving. According to sources, British luxury cars are flying off of the shelves, with Britain still leading the way in the niche area of luxury and high-performance cars.

Rolls Royce

As one of the highest-regarded vehicle brands in the world Rolls Royces are certainly viewed as luxurious treats. Geared at the elite, many expected high-end brands to struggle as Brexit encroached. However, Rolls Royce are thriving of late. Moving with the times, the brand decided to venture into the SUV market for the first time, responding to the UK’s need for affordable, good-looking SUVs. With the Rolls Royce Cullinan being the chosen car for the recent royal wedding, it is safe to say that Britain is well and truly behind this new focus for Rolls Royce.


Currently under the leadership of Adrian Hallmark, Bentley are another British brand pioneering in the world of luxury transport. Just this week, the company announced details of their all-new in-car connectivity tool. Partnering with communications brand, Viasat, Bentley are choosing to move forward in light of Brexit. What’s more is that the firm have also announced that they will be joining the community of manufacturers focusing on all-electric models.


Based in Woking, McLaren is a supercar brand to be admired. Doing incredibly well under the watchful eye of Mike Lewitt, McLaren are enjoying exciting times when it comes to business activity. This week, they announced details of the Hyper-GT aka, the £2.1million Speedtail. As the successor to the F1 supercar, the car has been created to go head-to-head with the Bugatti Chiron.

Let us know what you think. Is there more the British car industry can be doing to ride the waves of Brexit?