Adele is a national treasure whose songs we know every single word to. She is now a mother, which explains why she has slipped off of the radar in recent months.

The news is filled with stories of mega-stars splashing out on two-seater sports cars that they never actually drive. Adele, as we all know, likes to do things differently. Now as a mum she needs a reliable, safe car that has to have a little star quality.

After passing her driving test last week at the age of 25 she went out and treated herself to an early Christmas present. This gift took the form of a Porsche Cayenne that she paid £100,000 for.


A source said: “Since passing her test, driving has become one of Adele’s favourite activities and she loves to cruise around London. She could afford to buy any mega-expensive sports car but, now she’s a mum, safety and reliability are her priorities.

“Her car is a 4×4 and extremely safe but it’s also slick and luxurious.

“She’s decided to treat herself and has joked that it’s a Christmas present after she managed to pass her test.

The car has been made with the star in mind. A car of this nature is greatly prestigious yet is not too showy that she cannot go out in public without be chased by paparazzi.

“The cars are custom built based on the owner’s individual ­specifications so Adele has chosen the leather and stitching she prefers. She chose a black car because she doesn’t want to be noticed and can retain her privacy.

“Because the cars are custom built, she would have had to have put down a hefty deposit to secure it.

“It is now being built for her in Germany and will be shipped after Christmas with a 2014 number plate.”

So, with a budget of £100,000 would you buy a Porsche?